Knife crime interview

24/11/16 Kay-Lee Golding

Youth knife crime in the London is at a four year high. With knife crime steadily increasing, Kay-Lee Golding investigates why someone may choose to be in the possession of a knife.   Kay-Lee spoke to a victim of knife crime, who has also carried a knife previously. Our interviewee wishes to remain anonymous, for safety purposes.

In words: “I was about fourteen”

Out words: “going to stab someone else isn’t going to solve it”

Duration: 3’ 30”

Back announcement: Kay-Lee Golding there speaking to a victim of knife crime. If you have been effected by the interview and would like support you can visit


Mother and Daughter reflecting on Homosexuality


Mother and daughters often have a strong heart-warming bond, that can be tested when the child comes to terms with their sexuality. Although homosexuality is becoming less of a taboo subject, the coming out experience can still be difficult. Ninweh David and her mother Dawn David reflect on how they both felt when Ninweh faced up to the challenge of coming out.

In words: “So mom how do you feel”

Out words: “I love you no matter who or what you are”

Duration: 3’ 19”

Back announcement:  Ninweh and Dawn David there giving an insight to what it was like when Ninweh came to terms with her sexuality to her mum.

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