Description of your contribution to the production process

In the assessment I was the assistant producer for the show.

I arranged multiple guests including, the lady that suffered with Bowel Cancer, The Bowel Cancer U.K. charity, the Catholic Church interview for our outside broadcast, as well as And in addition to this I organised the interview for university students for our spare packages to play if we was running low on time. In terms of booking guest I orginally sent out multiple emails as I was expecting some to fall through so I think it worked well to get more rather than less.

I conducted 3 of the interviews, and presented and edited porn laws, and Bowel Cancer packages. As well as editing the University package that we had as a back up. Additionally to this I also wrote and edited the imaging for the show as well.

Within the actual show I was responsible for ensuring that the timing’s were correct, and we successfully finished on time within the real assesment and the pilot. I was also responsible for getting the callers ready to go on air. Although orginally I was to produce the outside broadcast after the timing’s of the pilot went so well we thought it would be more productive for me to actually be in the studio.

Critical Appraisal

I believe that my group worked extremely well together, in order to get this production together. I believe that we used all of our groups strengths in order to make this a very strong production.

In terms of ways that we could of improved. We had a caller in to talk about the Royal Family, however he was very much on the fence. I think next time we should try filter the callers to ensure that they have a strong opinion that is actually worth listening to.  I also believed that we could of been a little more organised with the OB just because it got a little stressful to how we was going to cut them short when we was running over. However our presenter handled it extremeley well and it still sounded very smooth.


Summary of Learning Points

In terms of things I learnt myself, it was good to really have to stick to tight time restraints as I don’t really face this as much when working in music radio. I also learnt that I do actually really enjoy talk radio.


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