Kay-Lee Golding

Week 1 

My group has met up twice in regards to our music radio show. So far we have discussed roles, genres, artists and content. My role is to present the show alongside my co-presenter Billy Hambidge.

As we are going for a new urban sound, something very close to my heart I have had a lot of input with the music for the show. This includes cleaning new tracks to send over to the head of music, showing the rest of my group artists that they may not of heard of. Therefore I have sent over 20 tracks for the suggestion.

Not only this every day I have been listening to a different Urban show in order to gain inspiration for my presenting style. Whether I be extremely energetic like Charlie Sloth on 1Xtra or very chilled like Nadia Jae on The Beat London 103.6FM. This is so I can mould my presenting style to the best possible sound for the show.

Week 2 

This week for Music Radio I worked on the features for the show along side my co-presenter. This included researching similar features, for inspiration, and then planning out the two features. We thought it would be important for the presenters to have a say in the features as we should be passionate about them. We both also rehearsed doing links together to build a connection ready for the show.

I also practised the outside broadcast, this includes running the desk for it and how to get in and out of it. This is important to practise handing over to the artist and interviewer. I now feel comfortable with the outside broadcast, but there is a few things we should practise before, like communication in the production.

Week 3 

This week I picked up another role within the production, which was advertising. I produced 4 different adverts for the show, including a clothing, a food shop, hire care and club event adverts. I quite enjoyed doing this, as I felt it allowed me to do more than just presenting on the module.

I also further developed one of the features by creating an audio piece for it. This is a mash up for 4 different songs for the competition ‘the 4’1”. I also found and cleaned my track for the feature ‘The Show down’.

The next step for me is to actually practise presenting with my co-host before the pilot show.

Week 4 

This week was the week of the pilot show. So firstly me and my co-host practised on Monday  and Wednesday, ready for the pilot show. We had to prepare how we was going to act with each other etc.

I also found 4 different music beds for the show. As a group we thought it would be better for me to do this, as I have good knowledge of the genre. So I sent these to the head of music.


Following this I also recorded the vocals for the imaging. I recorded 2 females and 1 male so that our producer could choose what she prefers. Along side this I sent over multiple sound effects that suite the station and the vocals.

Finally I re-edited some of my adverts after having advice from Mathew and my group to what I could change.  Once this was done I sent them over ready for the pilot.

Week 5

After the pilot we had a few things that we felt we needed to change. So firstly me and Billy went through the script multiple times this week before the actual show. This was to feel more comfortable with what we was saying. Not only this as our editor wrote the script, not everything was things that we would actually say naturally. So as agreed me and Billy edited parts of it to suited our dialect. We also highlighted what we both was going to say to ensure that we don’t overlap each other.

I also created a content sheet as one of the feedback points we was given was for us to show more music knowledge. So on the sheet I put who was touring and facts about artists that we can drop in links to improve the content.

Another improvement point we had was that we needed more production around ‘The Sip’. Therefore I wrote out 4 urban showbiz news stories, then found a male vocal to record them. I got the vocals recorded and then edited them. However in the live show I couldn’t find the clips in Myriad, so I just had to go along with it and tell the stories.

Me and Billy also pre-recorded our caller for the competition on the morning on the show. This was suggested after the pilot.


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