Cue: In ‘Life of a Gravedigger’ learn about the day to day life of a vastly overlooked profession. Discover the many duties and responsibilities of a gravedigger in this digital story.

Ins: “My names Bill…”

Outs: “just assist them.”

Dur: 6’48”

‘Life of a Gravedigger’ was recorded in Manor Park Cemetery in East London. The reason that I chose to do this topic for my digital story as I believe that the gravedigging profession is overlooked and also the extent of the difficulty in doing this job is overlooked. I wanted to inform people on what its like to be a gravedigger and what it takes to do it as a full time job.

I interviewed Manor Park’s Chargehand Bill who helps in the overall maintenance of the Cemetery and also preparing and digging out the graves. I also interviewed Janet Briggs, who is the Manager at the Cemetery so that people could also have an insight into the administration and organisation side of burials and the grave-digging industry.

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