Cue: Mixed Martial Arts have always been seen as a form of self-defense in many ways. Has that changed? What makes MMA such an interesting sport? Oskar Idzikowski learns the journey of 3 different MMA fighters.

In: “My name is Marcel Romanowski….”

Out: “…to set up big kicks, big punches.”

Dur: 9’48”



This Digital Story portrays a journey of 3 fighters who are striving to get a shot at the biggest MMA organisations in the world. Marcel, Flavia, and Lone’er all fight professionally and semi-professionally within the different MMA organisations respectfully. We learn their stories, what sort of background they’re each from and see what they understand by the abbreviation “MMA”. Each fighter has a different story and we learn that throughout the story, however, they all share different views. All of the fighters fight out of Richmond Fitness Club which is located in Richmond.

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