My current progress on my individual audio project, I have completed one interview with a woman who had lip filers that went horribly, in the interview she expressed her deepest insecurities about her lips that was heightened by the influence of social media, especially Instagram. Also, she explains in the interview how seeing influencers such as Kylie Jenner all over Instagram, spurred her on to get impulsive fillers. This is only a small segment of my individual audio project, I intend to start my piece off with audio from a focus group of girls on their opinion with cosmetic surgery and the pressures from Instagram. I intend to ask the group questions such as the following:

  • Have you ever had any cosmetic surgery?
  • Has social media ever made you feel insecure?
  • What’s your perception of lip fillers?

And others like that. Also, I’m going to start my individual audio project narrated by me, introducing all the quests and explaining the topic. I have another interview which I am going to record in the next couple of weeks, with a dental nurse who also practises dermal fillers, in this interview I will be asking her questions such as:

  • Why do you think dermal fillers have recently become so popular and is there any relation to social media?
  • Have you ever had to fix dermal fillers that have gone wrong ?

In the audio I currently have I still need to do further editing by adding a atmosphere track and potential background music to help build the tone of the piece. I also need to tightly edit some of the gaps and breathes in the audio.

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