Living with Dystonia

Cue: Vocal Dystonia is a neurological disorder where the brain and nervous system are somewhat disconnected with the signal path to muscle memory, it can be a draining and frustrating condition and not a lot of people know about it. Listen to two peoples personal journeys with dystonia and how they have coped with it, using music to keep themselves positive.

In: “There mouths were moving but I could not hear their voices”

Out: “It will not be my master”

Dur: 10’00

Description: My Digital Storytelling piece is about Dystonia. I wanted to bring awareness to the condition with my documentary as it is something I hadn’t herd of and found very interesting when I researched it more, I also found it particularly interesting the links to music this illness had. I talked to two very helpful, willing, and kind people Ada and Adrain about their journey with the condition. From 1 hr 20 min of audio to 10 I have tried to sum up the emotional stories they shared with me.

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