Homophobic Bullying/Claydon Interview
25/11/16 Gabriel Lucas-Green

According to a study by Stonewall, 55% of LGBT young people experience homophobic bullying at school, and nine in ten secondary school teachers say their pupils experience homophobic bullying, name-calling or harassment. Edward Claydon, a former victim of homophobic bullying, talks to Gabriel Lucas-Green about his experiences at school.

In words: “I was even more flamboyant than I am now…”
Out words: “…and for some people it’s still a grey area”.
Dur: 3’ 0”

Back anno: Edward Claydon talking to Gabriel Lucas-Green. [Support for those going through homophobic bullying can be found by calling Educational Action Challenging Homophobia on 0808 1000 143].

Catfishing/Seamarks/Khanom Conversation
26/11/16 Gabriel Lucas-Green

The way in which we connect with and meet new people has changed forever due to social media and dating apps.
A study has shown that 11% of internet users have used dating websites and 7% of smartphone users have used a dating app; but can we always trust the people at the other end of the profile picture?
Dan Seamarks, Vice President of the Harrow Campus at the University of Westminster talks to Student Welfare Adviser Somirum Khanom about his experience.

In words: “I met a guy once…”
Out words: “…gonna cause a lot of damage to people”
Dur: 2’ 20”

Back anno: Dan Seamarks, Vice President of the Harrow Campus at the University of Westminster talking to Student Welfare Adviser Somirum Khanom.

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