Military families: Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder


Lucy Lavery traveled to the America, Washington DC, to the British Embassy to talk to those supporting our troops and their families as they serve to protect and keep us safe in our war torn world. Behind each soldier stands a family, these are their stories of how they cope through the separation service life brings.



IN: ‘ I am Crystal Russell the community…’

OUT: ‘…experienced military life.’

DUR: 9’38”

This year the Ministry of Defence issued all service personnel in the British forces with an extension of all oversees deployments. Usually these out of area detachments last for four to six months, now troops can be away for up to nine months at a time. Not only will troops be putting their lives at risk for long periods of time serving the country; but separated from their families for months on end could have a serious effect on them and their loved ones.

I wanted to hear from serving men and women as well as their families to see how they cope with the separation aspect of their lives. during my time at the Embassy i spoke Crystal Russell a coordinator of the BESSA organisation that focuses on the welfare of families while their partners are serving within the military. I had the opportunity to speak to many interesting individuals during my time in America; Two RAF servicemen with a combined experience of over 40 years serving the country. Commander Catherine Clare, who’s dedication to the Royal Navy has lead her 3000 miles away from her husband and two children on a three year posting in DC. A proud mother with all three over her children risking their lives for the good of the country; and Terry Mitchell a dedicated military wife prepared to follow her husband around the world as he carries out his military service.


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