Week 1: (29/01/18)

This week we expanded on ideas that we had previously pitched in the first week. We split into groups to pitch to the rest of the group. I worked on a pitch for an alternative sports station, promoting equality and the message that sport can be enjoyed by all.

The four final pitches were: Sport, Feminism, Disco and Gaming. The pitches outlined weaknesses within each idea, but through discussion and a vote we all agreed on Gaming being the final theme of the station.

Once the idea was developed we wanted to assign roles so we can move forward. I was pleased i got my desired role of program controller. I enjoy the more senior roles, working with large groups coordinating and brain storming content ideas.

Week 2: (05/01/18)

We firstly started with a meeting finalising a name and a brand. After a very long discussion it was decided on ‘unlocked.’ Then split into our production groups to talk about ideas for features and general running of the shows. I went in-between groups to monitor and help with ideas.

I decided to change the order of the shows to: Talk Show, Music Show, Retro Show.

Due to being based in the same studio this means turnover will be smoother in between productions. Allowing less stress and time to prep for upcoming shows.

We had decided on a team that Insomnia a gaming event at the NEC should be an ongoing competition throughout the running of the station with listeners winning tickets during the final show. After looking at ticket prices we discovered it was over£50 for two adult day passes. Callum said he had connections so managed to get an email of one of the event organisers. I then sent an email asking if it was possible to get any free tickets for promoting the event on the station, giving us both free competition prizes and advertising commission.

The rest of the afternoon was spent liaising with different show groups making sure everyone was happy. The Talk show seemed to be having trouble brainstorming ideas so i spent the rest of my time with them developing ideas and contacting possible places to carry out OBs.

Week 3: (12/02/18)

We had a team brief in the morning we filled each other in on what groups were doing and what the plan was for the day. We still had not come up with a tag line for the station, i quickly thought up ‘level up your listening.’ A vote was taken at it was decided that that would be the tagline going forward.

I spent the remainder of the morning with the talk show state of play. discussing OB ideas and contacting a number of female YouTubers to appear on the show.

Over lunch i had a discussion with Dan head of marketing at Insomnia. We had come to an agreement that the even would give the station 4 pairs of Friday tickets. I also got permission to make an advert for the event which i passed over the details to the marketing and branding team to produce.

During the afternoon i sat with the tech team discussing ideas and making up the design for the logo. The retro show team i spent the remainder of the day with discussing any concerns they had and making plans for the following week.

Week 4: (19/02/18)

This morning myself and Eliza had individual meetings with each team to discuss progress. I pushed forward with the idea of integrating music into the talk show as i felt that it would flow better within the other shows as they all have music content.

I spent the remainder of the morning working with the retro show team making sure they had everything in place, developing ideas and contacting a number of You Tubers whom have set world records within the retro games community to have them on the show as possible guests.

Over lunch i oversaw and aided in producing of the VR filming for our digital platforms. I was very pleased with the way it went and both Dan and James worked well together making sure the tech side of the filming went smoothly.

I had a meeting with Tom to discuss what he thought of my ideas of a competition to get some feedback before going ahead writing scripts and editing. The feedback was good and very helpful. I had come up with the idea of guess the game characters editing together short clips. Adam was very helpful giving me suggestions or the more difficult characters to use. I plan to complete each of these packages and write scripts for the presenters by the end of this week at the latest. The presenters have all been briefed on what role their shows will play for the competition and Natalie is going to release the winner on twitch stream at the end of her show; This will keep the listener locked into the station till the very lat moment and get them interacting with our social media platforms.

Week 5: PILOT (26/02/18)

I arrived at the studios just before 8am. Myself, Natalie, Dan and Mark were all in at this time so started preparations for the pilot show. I was frustrated to discover many people had not done the tasks they should have over the weekend or prepared properly so we had to carry out their tasks for them as they were not present.

I was disappointed with the number of ads and their overall quality and messaged the group to say that these must be improved but would be okay fr the pilot as nothing could be done at this late stage. I suggested that Natalie and mark us the studios to rehearse while myself and Dan scheduled social media and made a plan for studio switch over and how the filming for Natalie plays would work.

At 9am the music team had not yet arrived and i found that no programmes had been done so i asked Dan if he could assist me in starting to put them together until the rest of the group arrived. Everyone gradually started to gradually arrive and then prep for their own roles. We had a meeting with Matthew at 10am in which i told everyone that we really need to start working together and taking more responsibility to make the station a success. I then met with Matthew and each team as they went over the running orders and explained the concept of each show. He raised concerns or improvements for each show so the producers could make any final improvements before going on air. The rest of the time before going live was spent going round each group making sure they had everything they needed them and addressing any final concerns if they had any.


State of play: The team went live at 12pm and it was apparent straight away that the presenters were not prepared. After the first link i brought Callum in to drive the desk as he would be in that studio later anyway and this then allowed the presenters to just focus on the content that was going out on the show. The links seemed very jumbled and the show did not seem to flow. The OB went very smoothly and i was pleased with the news team. The show was not content rich so i me with the group after and suggested that presenters should take a more active role in the production process so they are more prepared and feel more comfortable with the script. I also suggested to producers Phoebe and Ellen that they should have a more active role within the studio as i had to step in when things went wrong and help presenters plan links in order to fill the time last minute.

Press Play: Being the most simple of all the shows meant that the team within the studio were a lot less stressed. The time between each link was thought through well however during feedback i said to Callum that links needed to be more creatively thought through as at many points if you had tunes in it sounded like a very generic commercial station.

Play Again: The show started well however Natalie didn’t seem to work well when so heavily scripted it sounded very robotic and the best links were when she was planned but not told word by word of what to say. The show over ran one feature and as a result the whole running order was scrapped, i was dissapointed they were not more quick thinking and there was a very panicked atmosphere in the studio. fortunately all the content was covered and the show finished to time. Natalie plays started and it was brought to my attention straight away that it just didn’t work as radio content. Natalie was stressed and it came across as the commentary of the game was very robotic and t took away the fun element. In briefed the team after to say that Natalie plays was strong but would work best as an extra after the show as the listeners could head on over to twitch to watch.

Debrief: Matthew made lots of points for improvement during the debrief, we decided to change the order or the shows to increase the flow by swapping rough press play and play again. We also chose to change the identity of the hacker character Nat plays in order to make him a coach instead that speaks which i think going forward will work a lot better. Myself and Eliza brainstormed ideas for having the character dress a coach and come onto the show before hand to give at top tips for when she plays the game later.

Music: Music overall worked well however we felt that it needed to be structured more I had told Matthew that previously i had thought about having the instrumental soundtracks on the talk show. He agreed that was a good idea and suggested each show having a certain music policy to follow. I made the suggestion of having the music show as general, the talk show as soundtracks and then the retro show to play only music which is pre 2000s to give t that old school retro feel.

I hope with improvements put into place and with the team working hard the first shows is a success. I will spend the next week pushing branding to improve as at the moment i feel it is very week, i have asked James to help Matt so it is done to a high standard for Monday as this will be a tight turn around. I have also spent the remainder of the week in rehearsals with different shows making sure they are up to speed with the new changes and confident going ahead to Monday.

Week 6: Show 1 (05/03/18)

Throughout this week I have been sitting in on show rehearsals or listening to recordings helping monitor output across the whole station and putting into action changes that we received during the feedback. Many shows needed extra judgment or help filling in content for the shows, so i had creative input within each show and fine tuned any problems that came up during practices.

There had been a few problems still ongoing with creating ads and some packages were late being made, however i asked everyone to come in at 8 so we could get on top of everything so nothing was being done last minute. i met with each show in the morning checking that they were happy and had everything they need for the shows and kept working with the music team making sure they were clear on what needed to go in the logs, from next week i have requested that logs must be done before the weekend as the system of doing it in the morning feels very last minute. there was some last minute changes that i had to help put in place like the retro show originally read a piece that was top GTA characters however i felt it did not work, so i said it should be made into vox pop for a more interesting element. The rest of the morning was spent with the talk show as they were very worried due to the performance of the first show so i took time putting them at ease and told them they should be in the studio from 10 so they could have run throughs and get comfortable.

State of play: The show ran a lot smoother, the team struggled to stay focused during music and ads so i removed people from the studio and briefed everyone within the studio to not distract presenters with conversations that are not preparation for the show. I was very pleased with the output, the presenters were both relaxed after a few in studio run throughs. The OB went really well, great variety of interviews and a warm presenting style from Simon, playing the game t the end sounded lovely and seg well into the end of the OB.

Play Again: The show worked really hard throughout the week getting everything working well to time. Going into the show i had some worries over the running order, as the ins and outs were not clearly labelled, it was too late to change at this point so i asked producers to make sure this was rectified for next week. The links and features all went very well and Nat’s confidence grew as the show went on. I was pleased with the variety of audio played and a great phone interview with a PAC MAN fanatic. Some points i had to step in as there were gaps that needed to be filled so i took a hands on producer role at times but overall i was very happy with the output and the performance of the team.

Press Play: There was a problem with the first link of the show as the track was accidentally played instead of the news bed, i instructed Callum to just do the news straight after so the clock would not be affected and with the track being just over two mins it meant there was not a massive gap in the schedule from where the news should of been. I popped into the booth to explain the situation to the news team to keep them in the loop. The rest of the show went smoothly, one feedback i gave at the end was the show needs to sound less generic as like last week some links sound very generic commercial radio. Overall i was very happy with all three shows and believe they flowed well together.

Nat Plays: There was a problem with the presenter mics for the twitch live stream so while the tech team sorted this problem i briefed Nat with what was going to happen during the stream. While the stream was ongoing i gave prompts to the presenters on the auto cue system we had, feeding through talking points, prompts and announcements. I feel the stream worked really well and would of liked it looking back to last for longer, something that i intend to speak to tech with this coming week to see if there is anything else we can do with this tech.

Week 7: Show 2 (12/03/18)

This week after receiving feedback about having more communication between shows i decided to make a document with details of each shows broadcasts so the producers could go on and make sure their presenters link to broadcasts across the whole station.

State of play:

Throughout the week i was carrying out research on the shows upcoming topic which was women in gaming. I sent each article or video through to the production team with some points from myself of how this could be incorporated within the show. I found that twitch had introduced clothing regulation for female streamers and thought this could spark a debate however my messages and points were ignored by the team. I was very frustrated this week as the production team did not give me any information on what was going on even with lots of messages and prompts. I was told by the team that they did not want me at any run throughs throughout the week as they said they did not want any criticism. I said that they can not continue to do this as i need to be monitoring output and i can not ensure the show is at a high standard if i am only involved in the researching side of the show.

I had a meeting with Matthew and Eliza on Friday to speak about the progression of the show. I voiced my concerns about the lack of communication and the problems with attitude in the group, as some are being unprofessional on social media and not taking criticism or feedback very well when it is in everyone’s interests to make the station a success. Matthew suggested for Eliza to step into the show as an exec producer to control the output more and be more hands on.

On Monday i came in at 8 and some broadcast teams were in also. I read over state of plays running order and scripts and suggested changes and corrections. I was frustrated as i would of liked to implement more changes however as they had only shown me in the morning and refused to show me sooner i could not make any large changes so last minute. Ellen i noticed was very flustered in the studio and it was creating a negative vibe as she was struggling to drive the desk, i asked Callum to drive the desk to remove Ellen from the situation so the mood was lifted. Generally i was happy with the show however i do have to step in and take and studio producer role as the producers do not give presenters much feedback during show time.

I chatted with the show separately afterwards as i felt like issues needed to be addressed so the team could move forward successfully. I told the producers that they need to communicate more and inform the team about run throughs so i can come in and monitor content output. I also said attitudes needed to change towards feedback so the show can be improved for the better and everyone can be happier and more comfortable within their roles.

I made notes of all the feedback given by Fiona and tom and sent them through to the team and they ensured to keep me in the loop during the upcoming week.

Play again

This week i spent lots of time helping structure and script the show with Nat and mark. We spent the weekend doing lots of studio run throughs ironing out fine lines so the show flowed. Nat had lots of interviews in the show this week so i worked along side her scripting questions and researching to see if there are any fun or unique questions to be asked. I noticed on the running order earlier in the week that mark had selected to play a song which i didn’t feel was appropriate, i asked mark to change this to something that would flow better with the show and fit within the retro genre.

I was confident going into Monday as Nat had prepared well and I was happy with the running order and scripts as I had helped Nat change them so they fitted more with her personality. The song had been updated and i was happy and looking forward to the show.

The show went really well, Nat sounded more confident that ever and the script and features worked well. Nobody was really keeping accurate timings during output so next week i will do this as Natalie was getting frustrated that non of her team were checking timings.

After the show we sat with the tech team to brainstorm ideas for the visualized Mario party on the final week and how the packages would work with digital. I felt we made lots of progress making decisions. Myself and James spent that night making decorations for the Mario party to make the background more interesting for the visual elements during week four.

Press Play

Looking at the log i noticed that there was a lack of diversity with artists with only one female. I asked Ellie if she could communicate this to the music team and get it changed. I was not invited or told about any run throughs during the week and messages were ignored so many features i had not heard until the day. I was frustrated as i noticed that there needed to be a higher production value which i could of addressed if i was able to attend run throughs. I told the team after that i feel more attention to detail needs to be made as the music is show is seen as the simplest and simple things such as the production. I have also told the Callum that he must read the competition script that i provided in the first week as many facts he is missing out key information that the listener needs to know.


I was very dissapointed in the music team again i had asked for the logs to be done by the latest Friday however i checked on friday to find that none of the logs had been made. I told the team that they should have it done over the weekend so i can carry out my checks. On monday i went in to find that no logs had been made and there was duplicate tracks being played out on shows. I said that this needed to be sorted as soon as possible and went to update the shows to say some tracks would be changed. I told the team that the music must be done by wednesday for next weeks logs and they must select all the music themselves with close attention payed to diversity, also that callums tracks needed to flow better into one another and all tracks and ads must be segged. I had to show the music team how to normalize tracks before broadcast as this had not been done and they said they were unsure how to do it.


I was happy with the ads this week and the new ones that had been implemented. I was dissapointed that no changes had been made to branding as i had told Matt last week that i wanted trials to be put together for each show and no progress had been made on these. I discussed with him at the end that progression needed to be made for next week and he should ask for help if he is struggling.


I was really happy with the digital team this week Dan and James worked really hard pushing themselves to create a Facebook live stream as well as lots of other exciting content for the show. Like with all other areas of the station i sent through the feedback that was given and also helped them plan for upcoming weeks to address any concerns they had with programs.


i made a couple of points after feedback for everyone to takeaway. Generally to do with attitudes, that everyone needs to be keepjng themselves busy and helping out were possible. Also that the team must be more considerate to the news team as i had to go in four times to ask people to leave who were making lots of noise in the sadie room while clare and bernice were trying to produce scripts.

Week 8: Show 3 (19/03/18)


This week i spent a lot of time doing preparations with the digital team in order to decide the best ways to carry out the round table discussion. We brainstormed ideas during the week of how it can be effectively carried out on the technical side while also looking polished and nicely laid out on camera. We decided that we would buy a table cloth with the budget in the stations colors and use different colored mic muffs to make the discussion have a sense of fun and look more like a gaming discussion rather than a serious debate which you might see on LBC.

I aided the team in setting up the set on Friday so it was ready for Monday morning and also chased the producers so that all of the calls to action were ready to be uploaded to buffer for the assistant producers to fire off during shows.

This week i was very happy with the performance of both Dan and James they were very adventurous and really pushed themselves with their capability we had some minor issues with the round table stream, i was operating the camera so was not aware of the problems until after the stream but i was still happy with the results.


This week i had yet again told music that all of the logs must be done by Wednesday so i could check over them and the producers could make any changes ahead of schedule. I asked the music team on Tuesday if they would be able to meet this deadline and they confirmed this.

On Wednesday i received a message from the team that evening saying that there was a problem with the myriad computer frustratingly the team had left it to the evening and with tech problems they were unable to do the logs. I told the team that they must be done as soon as possible so producers could plan links accordingly. By Friday the logs were still not done myself and Dan spent the evening in the studio fixing logs and they had been put in the wrong place also lots of tracks didn’t seem to fit so i changed these. The levels had not been done correctly so i rectified this and printed off the PDF logs to send off to the relevant shows as two of the shows had not had final confirmation of the songs they were playing. I asked the music team to put the ads in over the weekend but nothing had been segged so i instructed the producers to check and do this before their shows so it sounded slick on air.

While printing off the running orders i spotted that there was a repeat of a track but at this point it was too ate so i told the team that they need to have a better overview so this does not happen on the final week. During the day i asked them if they could start filling out all the relevant paperwork and put it on the drive as we have set a deadline of friday so we have time for all paperwork to be checked before it gets sent off.

I asked Iona to join the team for a meeting at the end of the day with digital and retro for the mario party as the music needed to be sorted early on in order for the tech team to find the appropriate music videos and make sure they are suitable for the live stream.

State of Play:

After the feedback from last week Eliza offered to take more of a role with looking over the running order. Unfortunately she seemed to not have much communication with the production team so i offered to have a look over their running orders and spent time with presenters helping edit their scripts.

I pushed the team a lot during the week to get as many live callers as possible making sure they investigated alternative lines of questioning and views to build a balanced argument. They followed my advice and found someone who believed that gaming addiction was not a real problem within society. I helped set up the round table in the morning and attended the run throughs suggesting final amendments and making sure they had been briefed by the tech team with what will be happening during the table debate.

The Tieline still was not working after Callum had been trying to get it to work so we decided to use skype. The problem with using Skype on a laptop for the ob was that the ob team could not hear the desk. You are only able to access Skype business on the studio PC so i asked Tim if he could download it to use as a backup if we could not get the Tieline to work.

Play Again:

This week i worked alongside the show once again helping with scripts and develop show ideas. i had been in contact with them throughout the week and they had some problems with Abbi not being very driven when finding a guest. I attended lots of run throughs and was happy with how confident Nat was.

They had an interview scheduled taking abut FIFA but the quality and pitch was off so if was not able to go out on air. The team were worrying about what to do so i suggested Natalie going to the Colchester under 23s as mark knew them and doing an interview about the aspects of FIFA and real life football. After mark confirmed that they were available i helped Natalie do questions and briefed on the vision i had for the extra piece. I told mark to send me through the audio after the edit so i could listen and offer any changes if they were having trouble. I made a suggestion of having the in game sounds in the background so it would sound list Nat is sat playing FIFA with them while they discuss the topic.

They also had some problems with the logistics and timing of how they were going to carry out the phone amazon review feature so i suggested that Nat goes head to head with the caller and it was important to build up the outcome of the game to make it sound good on air with beds, higher production value and Nat selling the game. Mark was not keen on coming in and presenting the feature however i made the decision that he should as his voice was in the clips and being the character producer mark it would sound good if he came in to host that section.

After the changes i had made to the playlist on Friday i was happy with the sound of the show and really enjoyed it. There was some problems with running late and 50 seconds before we went live mark realised that Nat had to fill a link of 1 and a half mins, Natalie panicked so i stepped in a quickly drafted up a script for her. other than that there were no problems.

Myself, Mark Nat, Dan and James all stayed till late after the live shows to discuss plans for next week. I made the suggestion of having a big finale at the end of Callum’s show so we have a coming together of all the presenters with a trophy ceremony of the overall winner of Nat plays and a final goodbye from everyone.

Press Play:

This week i was dissapointed to find the show had done no run throughs at all and Ellie had done all the prep with Callum having little to no involvement. the pre recorded interviews were done in the morning as well so i told them they need to prep more for next week in order to put more thought in the show and as a result have better content throughout. A lot of the features do not seem very creative and as a result don’t have a successful pay off for the audience.

i had a discussion with them afterwards about progressing for next week but i feel they are not easy to communicate with and Callum does not take feedback very well which is frustrating when the show has a lot of potential.

Branding and Ads:

I was dissapointed that there had been no changes to the branding since the first week. The only changes that had been made were beds of which the production team had sourced or made themselves. I told matt that hanges and improvements must be implemented in order to show progression for the final week as action has not been taken on the feedback.

I was happy with the sound of the ads this week and the new ones that had been implemented. One piece of feedback was ore diversity within the range of voices used and Sam said she would work on this during the coming week for the final show.


Week 9: Show 4 (26/03/18)

I was adamant this week that all points would be taken into account by all show teams to produce our best ever shows.

State of play:

Tuesday i spent the morning having a production meeting with state of play team. They had some good ideas however i felt they were playing it safe with the route they were taking throughout the show. Talk shows should encourage people to ring in and get their point across. I did some research and found that VR porn is on the rise and a place in Japan is offering men the chance to marry game characters using VR. I said they should integrate this within the show and ask the question whether VR  is going too far and effecting our relationships. I was pleased this week that they listened to my points and followed through. I had found in america a company was producing a VR podcast so encouraged the team to listen and contact the host to see if he would be available for an interview as he has a very in depth knowledge within the world of VR.

This week Simon’s OB was playing a large part in the show. I told the team on Tuesday that they should ask Simon to make a trail for social media and one which they can play out at the start of the show to really capture the audience and have a dramatic build to the OB. Simon messaged me once he had produced it so i could approve i was very happy with the outcome and made sure it was high up in the running order to keep listeners locked in.

After i looked at the draft clock early in the week i was worried the show would not be fast passed enough. I drafted up a clock on Tuesday to send over to the team. It was based on an LBC clock so had time for callers but yet was fast passed moving to each topic in order to keep the listener engaged. The producers said they would use my clock as a base going forward and keep me updated with any changes.

After making some interesting findings during research i sent across all video links and interesting articles over to the digital team by Wednesday so they were able to produce content for twitter and clip things up for online. I communicated to the team what was coming up in Nats show so they could plug accordingly before the stream started. I also went through the logistics of the ceremony at the end so they would be clear.

The show didn’t get off to the best start. Myriad crashed but frustratingly the team did not act accordingly. I was prepping for streams so was not in the studio. I messaged the producers to say that the news should go out dry if there are no beds and then during news the audio could be brought up on the drive and played off there if myriad had not yet restarted. Other than that i was very happy with how the team adapted even though they should of been calmer and more authoritative in decision making The OB sounded really good and both presenters sounded as confident as ever.

Play Again:

preparation for the show was very intense on my part. Natalie has come to myself each week and said she does not feel supported by her production team. Due to this during the weeks of the show i have been increasingly more involved with the producing and general running of the show including writing scripts with Natalie and keeping timings.

I had seen that the word record holder for the most gaming memorabilia was on social media and had done interviews in the past. I gave the details to mark and Natalie and said he would be good to reach out to to get on the final show. Nat successfully managed to arrange an interview with Brett. I wrote up a script of questions with Nat that was both informative but also fed off of the fun of the show, eg Mario impressions.

I checked earlier in the week that the decorations were made by myself and James bought fairy lights and balloons. I spent Friday decorating the set and making sure all the tech is set up for the Monday.

Due to time constraints i researched the quickest circuits and tracks on the Wii games which we were playing on the show. Although a key part of the show it was important that the pacing of the show was fast. Originally mark had the idea for the other presenters to come and do commentary on the games however when this was trialed on Friday many presenters were not comfortable doing this and you did not get any feeling of excitement listening to it. I asked Mark if he would be happy doing it as him and Nat already have chemistry and he has experienced doing commentary before so is used to building up tension. After on trial run i decided that going ahead mark would be doing this for each game during the final show.

I had a big role along with the digital team planning the logistics of who would be needed when on set and making sure Nat was comfortable as she had been concerned about performing in front of camera. I spent a lot of time with Nat practicing making sure she was comfortable and i feel this showed in the output. Along with keeping timing and acting as studio producer i also set up all tech ready for game play during songs and operated the cameras so the stream went out smoothly.


The final trophy ceremony took a lot of planning on my part. I asked mark if he was able to borrow the varsity trophy from the SU so we had something that visually looked good on camera ad for socials. I arranged for a small number of the team to come in and act as a live audience so we could get some cheering during the final stages of unlocked. I had prepared scripts for all presenters with also time for them to chat about their favorite bit to close the show. Nat was struggling to remember some lines during rehearsals so i set up a laptop for her under the camera with bullet points in case she got lost. I briefed everyone in detail half an hour before to tell everyone where they had to stand what the cues were and warning =s about the loud bangs of confetti so we had no surprise swears on air. To add extra production i had recorded the Mario winning song from Wiis original soundtrack to use during the ceremony to add a bit of extra extravagance. I think the whole editing worked really well and i liked how all the presenters came together within the closing stages to say goodbye.

Press play:

Press play were slow to make progress compared to other shows. I spoke to Ellie and said i would be available to run any new feature ideas past. The presenter seemed to have trouble accepting criticism of previous shows and as a result was reluctant to change features. I discussed this with the team and said the criticism must be accepted in order to improve and that the base of the feature ideas were good they just needed to be fine tuned in order to make them sound slick and well carried out on air.

From feedback and the suggestion from Jonny to use a grandma on gran theft audio. I offered Callum to use my grandma. As she gets nervous on air i did a pre rec with her where she carried out the feature with me as she was much more catty and relaxed and then after Callum edited himself in.

The music for the show underwent changes during the week as the music team produced a number of draft logs which i felt did not run smoothly through each genre. After the third revised draft it was finalised and i was happy with the music choices for the final show. I was pleased that Ellie was being much more authoritative in the studio and commanding in order to get from her presenter what she wanted and the show was the best one they have done out of all four weeks in my opinion.


Music was having problems again this week keeping to deadlines. I asked for all logs to be done by Wednesday and that Play Again needed a track list by Tuesday evening because the digital team needed to sort videos but these deadlines were not met. I asked if they wanted help they were welcome to come to myself and chased them throughout the week but on Friday evening there was still no finalised logs.

Due to this i scheduled tracks for the music based shows myself, this is frustrating as late logs has happened consistently each week. Logs were still being built on Monday morning which i was not happy about as this stops me doing my role as i am not able to check them properly before they go on air. The segging had not been done correctly and no stops had been put in place for state of play which caused problems early on.



Seeing as there had been no progression last week i made sure to keep monitoring Matt encouraging him to make ramps and power intros for certain tracks. I set him a target of four and sat with him and helped while he produced the first piece. Once he had a clear vision and i had offered suggestions of effects he was happy to make the others. As i understand they are a very hard thing to get correct i asked if he could aim to make 4 strong ramps for the final shows. Linking communication between branding and shows as the added seconds from ramps would effect their running orders.


The news team i was very pleased with this week. After speaking to them earlier in the week we had decided that Burli was not very reliable as 3 weeks even with the technicians looking to fix it the pitch and speed had still been off. Due to this Bernice decided to sit in the studio with Clare and read the wraps live so we had no problems with burli playing out audio. They have both improved within each week and performed slick and well put together news bulletins.


Once again i was very happy as the digital team once again pushed the boundaries. I kept in contact with them throughout the week having meetings and making sure all of the fine details were organised ready for the show. I assisted with scheduling social media on the day and operated the cameras.

Due to the large workload that they had undertook i felt it was important fr to me to take a good load of their work on too to help out. I stepped in organizing equipment hire, set dressing, briefing presenters and setting up the tech for the games consoles. I was very happy with how well the visuals went and was a great end to the four weeks from the team.











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