Cue: Private screening rooms are a lucrative business attracting a wide variety of different people and businesses. The Soho Screening Rooms have access to state of the art equipment.

Maisie Saikia interviews Paul Speed an integral member of the Soho Screening Rooms.

From film adaptations of books, to crime dramas. From documentaries to music performances.

Paul Speed has played a part in it all. Paul, a projection technician, has worked for a number of production companies over his 13 year career. He tells us about the range of different productions the theatre has to offer and that he has been a part of.

IN ‘Well day to day it varies’

OUT ‘If I’ve got something interesting to say’

Back Announcement: That was Paul Speed talking to Maisie Saikia about the fundamental roles within the Soho Screening Rooms.

Duration 3:21



Cue: Working in retail in the run up to the festive period… Winter Wonderland? Or a nightmare before Christmas? Customers shopping at F.Hinds jewellers can range from being in high festive spirits to to being completely panic stricken.

Two colleagues, Jordan and Kathy, discuss what they love about working around this time of year, as well as what can be challenging. Jordan and Kathy have worked together for the last year and so the tone and atmosphere is more relaxed.

The jewellers are considered by many to be an important part of gift shopping around Christmas time. The store in which Jordan and Kathy work is of particular importance as it is located in a small town, just outside of London, where customers expect a more tailored retail experience from the employees, thus making the festive period slightly more challenging.

IN ‘I really like working at Christmas’

OUT ‘Don’t even start me on that’

Back Announcement: Maisie Saikia there talking to Kathy and Jordan regarding their retail experiences during the festive period.

Duration: 2.17

Date: 20/11/2016

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