Benefits/Watson Interview

24/11/16  Mariola Antosiewicz

Cue: The benefit cap strikes again! Despite its decline in recent years it took a huge leap this November, now affecting over 14,000 families in London, 78% of these being single parent with a child under five years of age.

All over London people send out a plea to the government to make this change, outlining the struggle and hardships families go trough once they’ve been capped.

Single mother Jane Watson opens up to Mariola Antosiewicz about her struggles for her and her children explaining how the benefit cap has changed her life this time compared to the last.

In words: ‘Last time i only had to contribute……’

Out words: ‘….to have a single parent and not be rich’

Dur: 3’ 27”

Back anno: Jane Watson talking to Mariola Antosiewicz there. [You can find out more about the benefit cap at]


Engagement/ Lucy and Matt conversation

24/11/16  Mariola Antosiewicz

Cue: How young is too young? Over time the perceived acceptable age of engagement has varied, often focusing on how mature a person is, reflected in their age.

With times and attitudes changing how do younger people react differently to engagement in regards to an older generation and will it stand the test of time.

Lucy Perry talks to her fiancé Matt Royston about their engagement, focusing on the stigma behind age. They explain why they think their relationship will work despite being apart and how they are happy together.

In words: ‘Oh i was telling my friend the other day……’

Out words: ‘….we’ve known each other for so long, yeah’

Dur: 2’ 05”

Back anno: Lucy Perry and Matt Royston sharing their story about their engagement.

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