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The majority of us go to bed with one intention – to sleep. But for some people, night time offers much more. It offers the chance to visit other places, speak to the negative parts of our soul, and face some of the challenges we have in our waking life. This is what the nocturnal activity of lucid dreaming can offer, and Mark Hoskin set out on a mission to discover if it was an easy task.

IN: “I became lucid…”

OUT: “…in the future”



My interview with Charlie Morley was recorded at the Samye Dzong Buddhist Centre in Bermondsey on Friday 2nd December. I originally met him at a lucid dreaming meetup group that he was running in Kennington. It was originally a 20 minute interview, edited for the purpose of the feature. I also met my other main contributor,  Maki Spandouis, at the meetup group. I contacted her on the meetup website and interviewed her at her home in Surrey Quays on Sunday 4th December. I met lots of people at the meetup, and interviewed them at a later date for the purpose of voxpops.

I took some of my pictures using my iPhone 6 camera. The rest of the pictures I took from Unsplash and Flickr, both free image sharing website. All of the pictures were non-copyrighted. I took my background music from, and recorded the actuality from a street in Harrow.

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