Production week 2:

My group arranged a meeting with the playwright, Brid Arnstein to get a better understanding of the intention of the play and discuss the scenes and characters. I was not able to attend the meeting however the director and producer from my team was present and the meeting was successful. After this meeting we had a much better and clearer understanding of the intentions of the scenes.

Recording week 4:

As station manager, my role was to oversee the recording process as I was responsible for the post production process. So I set up a zencastr meeting for the actors, director and myself, where I made sure we was recording and monitored that everyone could hear each other well. At first we ended up losing 30 mins recording time at the beginning due to connectivity issues but after a series of everyone reconnecting and connecting we managed to get the ball rolling and had an amazing  recording session. For some scenes we even had up to 5 takes! It was a long but very productive day!

After recording I saved all the takes on my laptop as I had to edit the whole thing together.

Post Production:

This was a very interesting, fun but long process. I enjoyed learning the importance of sound effects and how they make a huge difference to the piece, bringing it to life as our piece had 14 scenes with various locations, sound effects were very important to distinguish the setting and time.

I began to work on the editing of the piece by firstly listening to all the takes then organizing them into scenes and characters.

Once I had organized it, It was easier to build the play. I also sourced all the sound effects, background noises etc.

The editing took several days but once I had the first draft I we transfered it to the director of my group who got back to me the dame day with feedback and I made the according adjustments. We did this about 3-4 times, Then we had a zoom call the day before it was due to double check that the play sounded right. The problem with this was that it was difficult for the director to hear the play effectively over zoom as it kept lagging and breaking up. So we stuck to we transfer and whatsapp.

In the end, we had an amazing piece which I think sounds amazing, The director and I worked well together to bring the piece to life. I have definetly enjoyed this module and I have learnt a lot about audio drama in the post production side of things.

On the submission day, I filled in the music reporting sheet and I submitted the paper work and the audio onto blackboard.

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