Blog Post 1 (week 3; 8/02/21)

We decided as a group to make our show Y2K themed – so focusing on fashion, entertainment, music and culture from 1995 to 2005. The show will be split up by the themes, each week following a different theme but maintaining the y2k brand all throughout.

My role in the team is head of music, content manager and presenter of the Music show (5v5).

As head of music I have been attending meeting with Charlie and Lauren going over the sturcture of the show by making clocks and brainstorming content for the 5v5 show specifically. As the 5v5 show will be going after the y2k chatz show, Charlie and I agreed that the 5v5 show will follow the theme of the week (e.g fashion). So the 5v5 we decided on was Britney vs Christina Aguilera (fashion week), Blink 182 vs Green Day (entertainment week), McFly vs Girls Aloud (music week) and Destinys Child vs Spice Girls (culture week). We felt that these fit the categories perfectly as each of these artists had made an impact on the theme.

I have the responsibility of finding music and making sure it fits the theme (1995-2005) however this has been a little bit diffcult for me this year as normally i would go to the library and find all the songs that we need. But as we are presenting remotely, I initally thought that we would be able to stream the music from Spotify but as we are using we have to upload mp3 files for the music. So we are going to buy music off itunes and rip some from CDs that we have!

I have completed the ABC Lists this week and the Core Artist List, I divided the ABC Lists into A: POP, B: HIP HOP and C: POP FUNK. I think this is suitable as it covers a wide range of genres that were popular during 1995-2005. I placed these in the music folder on drive.

We also decided that for the music week, as Lauren is presenting all the y2k chatz, that Charlie and I would present the whole Music week as a ‘music show takeover’. So I have been brainstorming about the content for the music week.

We needed to find an interviewee, so Charlie found a Britney impersontor called Ashley but she didnt turn up for the interview so we have been contacting other people for backup.

After going over clocks and coming up with a structure for the y2k chatz show, Charlie and I have come up with all the segments for the music show. This can be found in the Drive in a document called ‘music show content’. Content includes: a package on Grime and Garage, interview with britney impersonator, oops I did it again segment where we explore three tracks that were sampled from the y2k era, then our top 5 music videos from 1995-2005.

I feel confident about the music show, because the content that we have come up with seems very strong.

Next week, I hope to reschedule with Ashley for the interview and get to sourcing music.

Blog Post 2 (week 4; 15/02/21)

As we’re getting closer to the pilot week, things have been very busy. We have had zoom meeting a lot this week, the running order for all the 5v5s have been completed and we have decided to play only the first verse and chorus of each song in the 5v5 then whoever wins at the end will play 1 full song from the artist.

In terms of finding music for the show, we decided that we would go ahead with buying some on itune and ripping from CDs that we already have.

We have managed to gather some music to do the pilot show next week. I have edited the music for the 5v5. As Laurens show is prerecorded, she has edited the music into her show so I didn’t have to edit the music for y2k chatz.

Blog Post 3 (week 5 22/02/21)

Pilot week!!

Out pilot went really well, after the pilot we decided to change the layout of the shows, so initally it was y2k chatz for 1pm-2pm then the podcast 2pm-2:20pm then the 5v5 2:20-3pm. However we have now decided to change that.

So the new layout is: podcast 12:30-1pm, y2k chatz 1pm-2pm then 5v5 2pm-3pm. This way the 5v5 will be an hour long rather than 40 mins so we can have more breaks so the show doesnt feel rushed give the listeners an easier listen.

Doing the 5v5 for the pilot was a fun experience and it worked well, I am feeling positive for the coming weeks when we go live!

This week in preperation for the live show, Charlie and I went through her CDs over facetime and made a list of the songs that we would need for the shows, so we managed to tailor it to three of her CDs, so I will be editing the songs before monday and uploading it to the drive.

Charlie and I finally got to inteview Ashley last week! and the interview went very well, which I am please about.

I am also going to interview Fran, for culture week (week 4) as she is the first baby born in the millennium, so I will be having a conversation about that.

Week 1 – Fashin Week 

First week of being live! Was very exciting and felt very prepared for this as we had practiced multiple times for the 5v5.

Last week in preperation for fashion week, I edited all the songs and cleaned them, uploaded them onto drive. I also edited the 5v5 songs and scripted the show with Charlie.

Week 2 – Entertainment Week

I was really nervous for this week because we had not done any live practice like we did for fashion week but I was confident in our script for the 5v5. We also actively made changes to the 5v5 that were suggested in the feedback form last week, including being more interntional with our choices of music and our links to have more context rather than just improv.

In preperation for Entertainment week, I edited the 5v5 songs and did the script with Charlie. we also had our weekly meetings where we all participate in editing chatz over zoom with Lauren.

Week 3 – Music Week

For Music week we did a ‘Marlyse and Charlie music take over’ where Charlie and I presented both Chatz and 5v5! This was very intense to prepare for because we had to script our usual 5v5 show but also edit and put the chatz show together. For the music take over we introduced a new feature which I came up with weeks ago, called ; Oops I did it again, where we talk about music sampling (the reuse of beats and songs hence the title ‘oops i did it again’) and I quiz charlie on some music samples so she guesses the original song from the y2k era! So for this feature I scripted it with Charlie and then we recorded over zoom and I edited it together! We also had a grime & garage packaage about the effect the genres had on London music culture. So Charlie and I interviewed Raheim, a radio presenter and producer. We also scripted the package and Charlie edited it. We also chanegd top 5 to top 5 music videos, which we got the y2k team to each give their favourite music video, excluding charlie and I so we could have a range of voices.

I did the big edit for chatz piecing together the songs, links, features/packages for the show! I had it all edited by Friday then we had our usual weekly meeting on saturday where the team just listened to the show and we tweaked a few things to make the show slightly tigher and shorter as it ran over a bit.

Overall I was very happy with how the show came out for chatz! As we also did 5v5, which was McFly vs Girls Aloud, we had a lot more information about the acts and their music linking it much better to the songs we used for ‘breaks’ to make the show more intentional and give it depth.

Week 4 – Culture week

Final week!!!

This week has been super stressful as we’ve all been super busy but I’m happy that we all managed to pull through and get to the last week! We all read the feedback from music week and have taken that on board for this week!

We kept the oops i did it again feature which i scripted and edited again, this time we had a contributor, Dr Delacey from Goldsmiths university, who Charlie interviewed. We did this to add more context as he is a music lecturer and has more knowledge on music sampling so we asked him questions about that.

I also interviewed Fran – the first millenium baby in London, which was a fun interview the challenge with this was the editing as there was a lot of static because the interview was recorded over zoom. But I edited it and managed to get it to sound alright.

I also edited the 5v5 songs, most of which i did weeks ago in prep for this week. Charlie and I scripted the 5v5 over zoom, adding fun facts and working on the feedback from last week!

Its been a great 4 weeks, definetly learnt a lot about putting together a show and working in a team with deadlines and making last minute decisions and changes!

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