Marlyse Zouzouko

It’s now week four and its pitch week! I have now got an idea that I am planning now for my audio project.

At the moment I am looking to create a three part project about the Black British experience, it will explore the highs the lows and the inbetween. It will only be based of real life experiences mostly form my personal life.

I have listened to some podcasts for inspiration and I enjoyed listenign to a few of them. One that I drew inspiration from was S-Town. I liked the way they used sound to bring the story line to life and it felt like I was literally there when I listened to it.

So, I am aiming to have that same effect with sound in my piece because I will be structuring it as a spoken word poem, written by me. I will be using sound to emphasise words and bring the poem to life and add some texture to the piece.

I am looking forward to the result of my piece.

Today I am writing my pitch. During this week I will be brainstorming the exact structure of the piece then I will begin writing the poem. I haven’t yet decided if I will be the voice of the piece or not yet. But I will get to that once I have written the poem so I can hear the tone and rythm of it. 🙂

I also need to decide who my target audience is. Is it young people in general? Or is it black british people? I need to decide this before next week!

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