The Radio 1 Breakfast Show: Down, but Not Out


Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the newly-launched Radio 1. Matt Toulson takes a look back at the history of one of it’s most famous flagship shows, the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. What does the future hold for the show and its audience? Is there room for improvement or is it just fine the way it is? With acknowledgment and thanks to everyone’s who clips I use for this documentary for allowing me to use them.

IN words “The voice of Radio 1…”

OUT words: “…for the past 50 years.”

To mark it’s 50th anniversary in the new year I decided to tell the story of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, the flagship show of Radio 1’s Daytime output. With the help of Matthew Bannister and Andy Parfitt, two former radio one controllers, we look at the history of the show, the presenters and what’s to come for the show, how they can improve it (if at all), what could be done differently. We also discuss the limitations that are on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in a more competitive world along with other commercial stations and streaming services to share their target audience with.

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