Coming up with an idea for Induvial Audio Project has been challenging, trying to find an idea I like that is also flexible enough to work as a commission has been the main problem for myself.

The idea I have decided to research further into is Comedy in London, but specifically the stories of specific comedians. I am planning on breaking this project into three four to five-minute episodes, featuring interviews with the comedians – covering relevant questions depending on the comedian and their experiences. I will include on-stage stand-up audio to give the listener a sense of what the comedian is like live. The audio will essentially work as a “getting to know” for each comedian while also being used to promote the commissioning comedy club.

In terms of commissioning this project I have yet to contact any specific comedy clubs but have researched a couple that I think might be interested, these include Top Secret Comedy Club and The Comedy Store. I believe these would both be good places to get the commission from as both clubs have very active social media pages, but both have no audio from comedians or live shows on their pages. Both pages do post video clips from live sets, but this is done very sporadically.

I have not finalised which comedians I would like to talk to yet. One of the comedians I would like to include in the project is Tim Renkow. Tim is an American Comedian who has lived in London for some time. Tim has cerebral palsy and uses this heavily within his comedy to help focus on dark humour and making the audience feel uncomfortable on purpose. As a comedian who started in America and has moved to London, as well as suffering from a disability I think Tim would have some great stories to add to the audio.

I have done some research into a few other comedians but have yet to decide if they would be the best fit for the project (Russel Hicks and Nico Yearwood). I am planning on contacting the comedy clubs first and then discussing with them who they think would be a good fit for the project.

Looking at audio production I will need to collect a large amount of audio and gain permission from a comedy club/comedian to do this. I will need at least three interviews with three comedians, live on-stage audio from the three comedians and actuality from the venue.

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