Milo Ritchie Audio Portfolio

Claire Smith / NHS

Claire smith is an operations manager at a clinical trials unit. She over sees the cutting edge programs working to help combat public health crises. She will be telling us what she is currently working and the state of the NHS is current political climate.




IN: I’m working on a really interesting project …

OUT: They sometimes have bigger budgets as well.

DUR- 3’28’’


BACK: Claire Smith, clinical trials manager speaking to Healthy Johnson.




Rowland & Natalia Keable / Camping / Strange People

Rowland Keable and his daughter Natalia have long been attendees of Forest School Camps, a charity giving children the opportunity to experience life in the country. We caught up with them discussing some of the memorable characters and you might meet there.




IN: Well the weirdest person …

OUT: … the whole organisation is like it is.

DUR- 2’29’’


BACK: That was Rowland Keable and his daughter Natalia discussing the characters you might meet on forest school camps.


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