Haworth Walking Guide.


My idea for my individual audio project is to do a walking guide. The reason behind choosing a walking guide is because I find that they are interesting and add character to a walk. I then had to decide on where and what I would talk about. As I am from Leeds and there is so much culture surrounding Leeds and history. I chose the town of Haworth, this is a quaint little town that has so much culture and is the town of the Brontes: Charlotte, Anne, and Emily.


What will I be doing?


The sounds I will be capturing are the natural sounds of Howarth, and also to turn it into a historical piece with sounds such as horse and carriages the sounds of workers, capturing the days of the Brontes. I will be walking the walk that the Brontes would have walked on a daily basis, starting at there house and going in a circle through the village and returning back to the house. As the audio walk is only 15 minutes, there will be parts that are fast-forwarded, for example, “in 3 minutes you will come up to a…..”. I want to layer up my piece with not only me talking but possibly recording a guide from the Bronte Parsonage museum talking about the history and adding that into the guide.


Who are you doing it for?


The people I will be doing it for is the tourists who come to Haworth to learn about the history and to learn about the Brontes. With a walking guide, this will help them to have a structure and walk around and gain history and learn more in the 15-minute audio project.




For my individual audio project, it is important that I have a commission from a broadcaster or even the Bronte Parsonage Museum itself. As it is an audio walk for the tourists and therefore can be used on the Bronte Parsonage website for the Museum to help heighten the tourists. I have contacted Bronte Parsonage Museum, they have not got back to me about the commission and possible including my project on their website, but they have been communicating with me saying it is a wonderful idea.




Contacting Bronte parsonage Museum about possible commision 15/10/2018
Record Sound/ Experimental Sounds:

  • Environment etc.
Write the first draft of the script 21/10/2018
Research and find quotes from Bronte books 22/10/2018
Start editing and recording 02/11/2018
If needed go back to get more sounds from archives and environmental sounds 05/11/2018
First draft complete  



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