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25th October – 8thth November –
The first thing that we had to do after deciding what station we were going to do was to create a music policy, this was my job.

After we decided on our music policy and exactly what music we wanted to play Harri and I decided it would be easiest to go through Spotify and make a playlist of all of the songs that we thought might fit the show. After this I took Harri’s playlist and combined it with mine, whilst also sifting through the music to put only the best and most appropriate into the new playlist to create a music base. Following this I created  a “Hits” playlist using the most well known classics from our base. Harri then took the rest of the songs and put them into a B & C list . This took us about 1 – 1.5 Weeks

9th November –
Using our Spotify playlists  I created a spreadsheet of all of our songs, split in to Hits, B, and C list. In this I put the song title, artist name, duration and gender of the artist.

19th November –
Callum wrote the scripts for all of the ad’s then each of us chose one to make. I chose the Amazon Music ad, after that I slightly re-scripted it as I thought it was a bit wordy and some of it was unnecessary information. I then sourced a VO for the ad, had that recored and edited it together.

23rd November –
I created the playlist for the show , which changed slightly in each run-through to make sure it was the best that it could be. I also put the ad’s and jingles into myriad and colour coded them  (on the day of the first run through, Ozzy then put some more in)

30th November –
On the day of the broadcast I also colour coded the spreadsheet and printed it off so that if at any point we needed to add another song it was very easy to see what songs and artists had already been played so as to avoid any repeats. This was came in very handy as we had, had some problems in the previous run-through where the producer had to quickly pick a track to fill some time and it was by an artist that we had already played. I also read the news on the day of the broadcast, Adam wrote it and before each bulletin was to go out we sat down together to go trough it and make sure everything was spelled and worded correctly.


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