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I took on the role of producer / editor. This role to me meant helping shape the image of the show and contributing to other roles to help shape brand of the show. The end result of my contributions was sourcing the music and news for the show, creating all of the idents, some station branding, two advertisements, sourcing two competition winners and helping others co-ordinate with each other. Throughout this piece I gave constructive feedback to others during preparation and practice. I felt I bought a professional sound to the station with the quality of the links I created. As a whole I felt the show was not missing anything. However it could have been better. At certain points leading up to the show I was absent a leader. Although Carrie and Billy did a good job I think I should have spent more time working with them. I let Carrie know about the competition poster late into the project but she still delivered a strong piece of work. If I had asked her earlier for it, I could have gone back and forth with her on possible improvements. I also would have liked to make the idents alongside her but the circumstances made it difficult. Billy managed to deliver on the social media front. Although I think I could have spent some more time on helping him with video content but we did not get round to it.

Individually I think everyone performed well. Joe, without much practice as a presenter, quickly picked up the skills needed to deliver that charismatic and high energy we needed. Joe was sometimes stressed out during practice and the lead up to it but never to the point where it became a problem. Ewan did well to learn the new play out system, we bumped into only the most minor of technical issues during the show. He did not require much help outside of music selection and sourcing. Billy as I mentioned before could have done with more support in terms of additional content but still delivered. Carrie did well considering how hard it was to communicate with her over inconsistent internet connections. I would have liked to have made the links alongside her but the situation made it very difficult. 

We looked at Virgin Radio’s general day time shows to understand their choice of music and audience. Virgin Radio creates a generic music show that works well for a wide audience. It is however targeted more towards an older demographic. Our general target was the mid thirties onwards. I do believe this is Virgin Radio’s target audience too. However their music selection is varied more than ours, specifically in the early eighties and late two thousands. We leaned more into the idea of appealing the mid thirties age demographic. The majority of our songs we centred around the late eighties and nineties. We did add some more recent songs from the two thousand tens but they were in the style of our eighties and nineties selection. Other stations we looked at to familiarise ourselves with the demographic were BBC Radio 2, Heart 90’s and Pirate FM. BBC Radio 2 does a good job of maintaining a similar audience but with more recent music. This helped us with our choice of artists for newer music. Heart 90’s was useful as they offer a strong variety of artists popular during the 90’s. Pirate FM seems to target an older audience but was still relevant. For example their format for links and competitions are in a similar style to ours and Virgin Radio’s.

In this module I felt I learnt a lot about targeting demographics and the monetisation of music radio. The guest speakers early in the module gave specific insight into how the industry worked and what their roles required of them. This was also my first time making idents which I felt I did successfully. Over time I hope to improve my idents with a better understanding Ableton and the potential of the program when it comes to making idents. When it comes to my role on the show, I felt I learnt about importance preparation. The show was not missing anything critical to its execution. In the future though I will spend more time improving what we have and try to be more present as a leader. 

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