And that’s a wrap! Rock n roll radio is done!

Last time I posted I covered our group decisions on the genre, name and roles of our music station. Since that time I feel my contributions to the group have been more apparent as the structure of the show began to fall into place, meaning that I was able to write a script around the show and the music. As features developed I was able to put my own spin on them, such as the Elvis eating challenge, which I named ‘Order Up!’ to give it a more diner related and radio feel.

In the following weeks, we had a couple of pilot runs before the big day and this was the time where my role as a presenter really developed. With each run through, I adjusted the script, and in some cases completely took out bits, to match the running order, which was quite difficult because a lot of items kept switching around. In our first pilot run, Callum and I were both driving the desk together, manually firing ads and streaming the music from Spotify as it hadn’t been uploaded to Myriad at the time. This approach wasn’t too bad as the music was in order on a playlist, however, the second pilot was a bit of a disaster as there wasn’t a log so we were dragging and dropping music and beds etc, all over the place. This made it rather difficult for me to present the show, as there was never a time where I could stop to collect my thoughts and think about what was coming up next on the show. After the pilot, I went away to build the log for the final show on Friday. I built the clock, created music categories and ads packages, so when Myriad ran the schedule, all I had to do was match the songs in place to the ones on the running order.

On the Friday, the final show day, having the log there made the whole presenting process so much easier and more enjoyable because I had time to think. I was also able to red square links so I knew when my cues were, and the intro markers gave me more notice in advance to think about how I was going to deliver a link. It also meant that Callum wasn’t so stressed either and could give me clearer instructions as to what he wanted as the producer.

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