Monday 28th October 2019.

Hello everyone,

We’ve started our planning for our music radio show and we’ve gone with the 80s theme!

So my role is Head of Music. Over this past week, I have been listening to a lot of absolute 80s! This is to get me familiar with an 80s show and the format and the tone. I then also out together three playlists.

An A List (pop tracks), B List (Band/funk music) and a C List (Rock/Indie music). This is how we are dividing our music categories but all the tracks are released between 1980-1989. I am also working on the core playlist, its almost done but not completed yet.

Over the next week, I will complete the core playlist and adjust the set playlists a little!


Until the next post,


Marlyse 🙂


Monday 11th November 2019

Hello again everyone,

This week has been quite productive. I worked together with the rest of the group to organise the core list and ge their approval for what I had put together. Once we established that, we revisited the List, which once we done it, it did work.

This week I have been tasked with getting the physical copies of the ABC list songs for production practice this week. I look forward to practicing the show with all the music. I am going to visit the library on campus and see if I can get the CDs if there’s any song I can’t get I’ll have to buy them.

Until the next post,



Monday 18th November 2019.

Hello again,

over this past week, things have been slowly getting busier as we approach the show deadline.

I have been working on getting the music into myriad. So, when we had finalised our playlists and what songs we were going to play on the show, I went to the library and browsed for the songs. I went through every CD to find the songs we needed. I found most of them. Then I uploaded them onto Myriad with the help of Simone, and then I top and tailed each track to make sure the intros were good and the ending wasn’t messy.

I learnt a lot about myriad too, I am now much more confident with uploading track onto it now.

So right now, the tracks are up, they are all edited. So over the next couple days this week, I am working on my ad for the show.

I am also going to be going through the running order and deciding the order in which the songs will be played as well.

Not long left until the show!

Until the next post,


Monday 25th November.

So, this Friday is the final live show!

Things are very hectic right now, lots to be doling. Last Friday we had our pilot and it went really well, we were all able to see how the show flowed and what worked and didn’t work.

So I was tasked with adding more songs into myriad, because we needed more variety and some extra open incase we end up under time in the real thing.

I am also changing the songs order to fit the schedule as we have decided that the running order needs to be altered so we have a better flowing show. And also redoing my Ad , which I will get back by tomorrow (latest).

Until the next post!


Monday 2nd December 2019


Last Friday was our final show! It was great, everything ran smoothly and it felt like all the work behind the scenes was definitely worth it. In preparation for the live show, I made some last minute changes to there music, took songs out that didn’t work and uploaded new songs to myriad as well. I had to also double check a few to make sure everything was ready for Friday. I edited a few tracks and switched a few around in the schedule. I also got some CDs for backup incase anything went wrong during the live show.

All in all, I think the live show went to plan, on the day I helped out with the OB, finding an audience and live streaming the performance on Instagram.

It was definitely an experience, putting the show together and working with each other.


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