Blog 1 – 28 Oct 2019

I am satisfied with how all project is organised (station, program, name of the programme) and how the roles have been assigned. I choose to be the studio producer as I like to understand better that technical part of a radio show. So I paid extra attention to the lesson in which we learned how to actually build the clock on Myriad and I stayed a little longer after the lesson to try to replicate what we did during the lesson. I paid also extra attention to last lesson too in which we learned how producers and presenters should interact in the studio to deliver the best possible result. I believe the key is communication between all members of the team.

I am currently carrying out my task for Thursday  which are:

  • Creating the imaging for the radio show using the samples that have been recorded on Monday. I am researching which is the best sound to use to create them.
  • Writing the creative brief for the ad, I have been assigned the brand and I’m aiming to create an ad that sounds fun and effective


Blog 2 – 18 Nov 2019

I think that the result of the hour of the programme we did last Friday was not good, but it was a good exercise to understand where we need to work more. I believe that we really need to focus on practice so we can create a tighter programme. Another good thing about the practice was the music which I think matches the music policy.

For what concerns my ad (, I just received the audio from the voiceover artist and now I have to edit the final ad. The audio is good quality and also the intonation of the actor is what I expected. I asked him to read the script as an informal conversation between him and a listener and the result is satisfying. Now I have to add a few sound effects to the ad (possibly also a music bed toward the end) so it becomes more enjoyable to hear.

Blog 3 – 25 Nov 2019

The two-hour pilot show that we did on Friday was satisfying, I like how it sounded and that, apart from minor mistake, the technical part worked out even if we were not very prepared to start at 12:00. I am happy to be helping Lauren driving the desk so she can focus more on presenting and this makes the show run smoother, though we need some more practice to be really comfortable for the final show. I am particularly happy that we practice the connection between the live studio and studio 4 and also that we know how to handle to calls at the same time for the competition. Also, I produced and uploaded on drive another showreel for the show that will go TOH on the second hour of the show, I am happy with it but I think it still needs at the beginning and some little adjustment and a sound effect at the end. During next week I will help to build the set for the Ballroom.

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