Music Radio Blog Week 5

This week for music radio we continued preparing for our live 2 hour show, during the week I finalised my two adverts, one was about Covid 19, and the other a Homebase Christmas advert. I also came up with our competition feature called, who’s hitting the high notes? Where I clipped three pieces of music together of artists hitting high notes in songs, the artists where George Michael, Michael Jackson and Prince, I have discussed with Billy and Milo about branding the competition and we will have something in place for when the show goes out. I also created features that will go out on the show such as a vote on which version of the Tina Turner song ‘what’s love got to do with it’ will be aired so we can link it to her birthday, we also have another feature called the lunchtime teaser, this is where we give a clue to the artist and song we have coming in the second hour of the show and the audience can text in if they’re correct will have their names read out on the radio. I have been practising my presenting skills as well and I feel a lot more confident, we practiced for an hour on Friday and received good feedback on what went well and what we needed to work on, as a result of this I feel a lot more confident for next week’s live show.

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