Production week 1

The first week of production, we were assigned our roles in the different. I was assigned the role of OB producer and presenter as well as the Digital producer and Branding. We came up with some feature ideas we could work on and maybe develop for the show. In addition, we decided on the music policy of the show. After the meeting I had to do research on the station itself in terms of listening to more Jazz fm.

Production week 2

We learned how to upload music and clips onto Myriad and all had a practice on how to edit the songs to indicate the intro, outro and hooks. After we got introduced to show clocks and had to decide how we wanted the show clocks to run.

Production week 3

We had to start to scripting the ads for our daytime show. I along with the rest of the group are all working on scripting the ads and deciding the vibes and feel of how we want them to sound. By this time, we’d found a bed for the top of hour link and a potential news bed.

Production week 4/5

Ginny told everyone in the group to pick an ad from the list of potential ads in the Google docs and work on them. This included sourcing the voice actors, scripting them (if they hadn’t already been) and editing them. We also had a choice of coming up with new ideas if we didn’t have the option up in the list. I chose to work on a Moonpig ad as I already had a voice recording of my niece singing and I thought I’d use that. I was also going to work on a McDonalds ad but I hadn’t scripted that yet and didn’t have a solid idea of how it was going to go. By the end of the week, we did get voice actors for both ads but the one sourced for Moonpig ended up sounding too young and had to be redone. The McDonalds ad was also scrapped as it didn’t quite work right.

By now, we’d also drawn up a rough show clock on paper.

We had started to work on one of the features for the show called Is That Jazz? Although it didn’t work out the way we wanted, we had sourced and edited down the clips we intended to play out. With the first pilot approaching, I designed a poster looking for jazz artists to put up around the uni and music block.

Production week 6/7

As I was mainly in charge of the Outside broadcast, I hadn’t had much to do yet till now aside from creating the ads. I had also started working on putting together the idents and sweeps and sourcing the music beds for them. Some of the idents produced were not used in the end as the music beds underneath were too old or the voice audio file had a pop in it that couldn’t be edited out. These were supposed to be the general idents as the ones we first had all said smooth jazz in them. The ones we did end up using, mainly the dry idents, were updated with whoosh sound effects. I had also sourced the female vo for the  dry idents while Sara sourced the male voice.

Within this time as well, a jazz vocalist and a guitarist had gotten back to me to let me know they would be interested in helping out with the show. From this time on, I acted as the artist liaison, keeping the artists informed on what exactly we wanted from them and how the show was going to work with them in it.

For the first pilot show, I worked with the artists in the OB studio and Ginny helped with tech op in studio 4 to keep me informed on my cues in. After the feedback, I had to fix the levels for the idents and work on a script for my OB presenting bits. This included working on a clear OUT from the studio to let us in the OB studio know when we were on, and a clear OUT on our side to let the main broadcast studio know when we were done.

Production week 8

Before the actual show, I worked on interview questions for the OB artists, and worked on the new structure recommended by Matthew after the second pilot. Again, I kept the main broadcast studio informed about my main cue INs and OUTs and had come up with a working script for my part of the show. In this we had found the right vo for the Moonpig script, and replaced an old ad idea (Crazy 80s golf) with the Club de Fromage ad. I was able to source the voice for it, script it, and edit the file together to make it sound good. I helped Ginny record the backing track for the Moonpig ad and she put it all together. I also edited the Honda ad with Connor and Sara and made the levels right.

Show day

I was mainly in the OB studio with the artists during the show. I briefed them before we went on air on what I was going to ask them, and how long they had for each part. I was also in charge of recording the live session on a camera.

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