In production week 1, I chose to do the role of branding. My group chose the genre of the 90’s. In this genre we decided that our group show would be one to explore the forgotten classics of 90’s songs. In particular, 90’s British pop songs.

We formally decided on a name for our music station ‘BritPop’. As of this production week, I have thought about the imaging of the show and what the sound of the should be. And as of next week, I will have decided what it will be, such as voice over artists and etc.



In production week 2, I had written out some jingles and phrases in which could go into the imaging for the show. Phrases like “This is BritPop” and “The 90’s is now”. Once I had done this, I then looked online on beds and beats in order to find audio that would compliment the phrases when combined. Also the audio would need to have the sound and feel of a true BritPop station.

Once the audio was chosen, I then worked alongside our teams editor and news creator to record the phrases. The recorded phrases were then loaded into adobe audition in which to be edited. This was a practice session to see what special effects and sounds we could put onto the voice and to layer the different pieces of audio up to create our first lot of imaging for the show.



In production week 3, I worked alongside our teams editor in refining already existing imaging for BritPop. This means refining and editing/adding or removing and then re-saving the jingles, news buildups, stings and ramps etc. For example, prior to a meeting with our module leader, we decided that an effect that was layered over the top of our VO artist, wasn’t appropriate and didn’t fit the overall sound and theme of the radio show. Therefore, we decided to remove this voice effect via Adobe Audition. The end result sounded much better.

Another thing I did this production week was to edit and create some other variations of imaging jingles for the radio show so that it didn’t mean that we only had a few to our disposal that would have been repeated. Finally after creating some more jingles, stings and etc. I spoke to the news team who was struggling with an idea for the last ad. I helped by suggesting an idea for the ad which was taken into consideration.



Production week four (pilot week) for the radio shows was a busy one indeed. This week in my role of branding for the show, I was required to make sure we had all of the imaging that we needed to be able to have an efficient run-through of our show. So I took the time to listen to the sounds we had for imaging already and make sure everything sounded suitable for the shows feel and genre. Once I had done this, they were updated and saved to my memory stick and were ready for when the pilot of the show would run. Whilst preparing for the pilot show, we came across the music bed for the news. It didn’t sound quite the right ambiance to be playing underneath a serious news broadcast. Myself, the editor and our head of social media decided that it needed to be changed in order to be more suitable for the overall mood of the show.

Once we listened through a few potential new sounds for our news bed, our head of social media sent me the sound which I then added to the news ident. Upon reflection, the new news bed sounded much better suited to the voice of our news presenter and also because it was slightly different to the sound of our other idents, stings and ramps etc. it made the news stand out more amongst the show which gave it  a little something extra. I feel that it was good for the news to stand out as the news is an important aspect of any radio show regardless of genre or platform or target age range. After a calm and smooth practise run through of the show we all gathered together for a meeting to discuss what went well and what needs to be worked on/changed completely.



For the final production week, majority of the various production pieces that go into the final show were completed. For example, the content was up to date and the ads, news, clock, music list and etc. were all completed. We all came in one day before the final show run through and the one thing we didn’t have that I completed was a list of all the roles that people in the group had done. I wrote down who was in what role originally and also then the updated roles as some of them had changed over production time. Also I wrote a list of which team member created what ads and also did a list of copyright for the various different types of music that was used in throughout the show.

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