All the class were set up into one group (because we are just 7 people in total). Firstly, before deciding our roles for the show, we decided on our musical show genre. We had different choices of genre to choose from, classic, sunrise, contemporary to rock but we decided to do it about Absolute 80’s.

Next step was to plan and discuss our roles for the show and then, we all were discussing on what we would like to do, I decided to be the head of advertising and help Paola in her role of a social media producer also.

Once the roles decided, we had a meeting to decide the name of the Show. Its definitive name is ‘Lunch and Lauren Show’ and also, we opted for showing it from 12 to 2pm the 29th November. After that, we decided of what music policy we could give to our audience. We decided that the audience for our show it could be around 40-55 years old.

After deciding the name of the show and for what audience we want to do it. The first lecturer, Simon, showed us how to upload music and clips onto Myriad by editing the beginning and the final of different songs.

As Head of Advertising, we need to create 12 advertisements for the show. I will create three of them: Jet2 Holidays, drink driving and Tesco Goods, while the rest of my colleagues will create one or two like Hannah. It’s important to add that we learnt what steps we need to use to create an advertisement with a duration of 20, 30 or 40 seconds. Additionally, before choosing the advertisements I created two audience profiles. One about women and other about male (with the help of Thuong). Besides this, with Lauren’s help, we created two genders avatars (female and male).

Finally, we learned how to introduce a clock in our show. After that, we created our clock and we added in the first hour clock: songs, advertisements, links and competition. The second hour clock: songs, advertisements, links, sweeper & O.B and competition reminder. In addition, a few of us created some jingles for the show.


On the one hand, we have started working on advertisements and put our ideas into the scripts.

As the head of advertising, I was in charge of creating three advertisements (Tesco Clubcard App, Drink Driving and Jet2 Holidays). At the beginning it was very difficult for me to find actors or actresses or presenters, because most of them wanted to be paid some money (some of them, wanted to get more than 100 pounds). Nevertheless, thanks to Matthews’s help, I was able to find ‘Fiverr’ website where I could have my advertisements recorded for much less.

This way I have already made 2 advertisements (including editing and sound effects). At the moment, I’m just about to finish my last one which is about Jet2 Holidays.

On the other hand, on Thursday (7/11/19) we met our guest musician. His name is Josh and I will be his producer during his time in the show. I started to practice in the desk next to Hannah, who will be with me in the studio in charge of letting me know about any kind of issues between the studios. I think that her role is important for me because she will be the person who will keep the connection between my studio and Simone’s studio.

Apart from this, we have already edited the playlist that Marlysez established.



Firstly, I started doing my job before the first hour practicing our show. I started to put into Myriad the only four advertisements that I got: two of them are mine, another is Paola’s and the last one is Hannah’s. However, I said to the rest of my colleagues that we need to have all the advertisements done before the first pilot that is the 22nd November (next Friday). Additionally, I was all the morning working with Hannah. I edited some of the jingles and identities: Simone 80’s identity, Paola 80’s identity and ‘oh, that takes me back’s recorded by Hannah.

On the other hand, I suggested Thuong to get in touch with my friend Gabriel Finn, who is a musician. I suggested her to contact him because we need an O.B. for our first pilot.

Furthermore, we practiced the first show (for one hour). We decided to start the show at 14:30 pm, but for several technical issues, we started at 15:00 pm. At the beginning of the show we were a little bit nervous (probably because it was our first time practicing it). During the show, we listened different things such as jingles, Lauren’s script, four advertisements, some links + competition, and music. After the end of the show we had a meeting and we talked about what things we can improve for the next time as well as we decided to call our O.B. ‘The Ballroom’. We also decided that we will decorate the O.B. area as an 80s environment.


PRODUCTION WEEK 4 (1ST PILOT) – 22nd November:

This is the week that we realized our first pilot (The 22nd November). Before starting the show, between 10am-11:30am I put into Myriad all the advertisements that we got (11/12 adverts). We just missed Lauren’s Gin advertisement.

-SIMONE:  We buy any car (30 seconds)

-THUONG: Specsavers (40 seconds)

-ANDREA: Jet2 Holidays (50 seconds) / Tesco ClubCard App (40 seconds) / Drink-driving (30 seconds) 

-HANNAH: Boots (30 seconds) / Money supermarket (30 seconds)

-LAUREN:  Fluj jab (20 seconds)/ Gin (she is making this advertisement for the second pilot) 

-PAOLA: Love2shop (40 seconds)

-MARLYSE: Argos (30 seconds)

-CHARLIE: Aldi (50 seconds)

After this, I put some of  the sweepers, jingles and idents and I was practicing in the desk table also (I will be the O.B. producer in the second hour of the show so I wanted to check that the desk table and levels worked correctly before the show).

Our show started from 12pm to 2pm. During the show, we had some technical issues that we need to improve for our next second pilot (the 28th November). During the first hour of the show, I had a conversation with the O.B. (Gabriel Finn) because I am the O.B. producer. However, he is not going to be our O.B. for the final music radio show the next 29th November. I took some pictures about him for Paola’s rule (social media) too. Additionally, I was practicing in the desk table with Hannah.



On the other hand, during the show we had some issues, such as, the first advertisement didn’t play because there was a problem with the computer; Lauren should have come quicker on air without letting the songs fade out avoiding the silence; some sentences of the script should be written again: Say ‘originally recorded’ instead of ‘originally written’; when a song is playing we CAN’T play a jingle during the show (sounds awful), also it should be explained what is SPICY song/time because  listeners don’t really know what it does mean, another issue was the volume of the O.B. (in my case) I need to practice more the desk table and get more confident with it when the O.B. is singing (levels check).

After the show, we had a meeting with Matthew, he said to us the problems that we have to improve for the next pilot. Firstly, come earlier than 10 am to have everything in a good status. Secondly, we need to develop our running order with more information: title, date, page numbers and adding another column for social media posts. Thirdly, for the links we must work on segue between songs and time. It is very important to tank up to the time! Lauren, Charlie, Marlysez and Simone should come earlier to the studio and practice ‘on live’ and check that everything (script, music, sweepers, jingles, idents, adverts…) are working correctly as well as competition should be in the first hour of the show, we should feel better and confident to our callers also. Furthermore, for the music we should change the first song (Madonna/holiday) for other one such as Dolly Parton/(9-5?). Finally, the advertisements in general are really good (Tesco ClubCard App, Webuyanycar, Love2shop, Aldi etc.), but for the drink-driving advert was good, I will add a slogan or website (for example, promoting a Charity or Government websites?). Additionally, we need Lauren’s second advertisement for next pilot and Marlysez should change the voice she uses for her advertisement to a new one.

Apart from this, during the next pilot there must be less people in the studio because not everyone needs to be in there. However, during the show everyone has to work in something the whole time. Besides this, at 8pm on Wednesday (27th November) everything should be done. I will make sure that before Wednesday night all the advertisements are done and are into Myriad as well as the jingles, idents and sweepers. Further, I am helping Paola to find people for the competition of the second pilot and the final day show.



This is the week that we prepared our second pilot (The 28th November). During this week, I finally finished all my advertisements (3/12): Tesco ClubCard App, Drink-driving and Jet2 Holidays).

On the other hand, I helped Paola to find some people for the competition of the second pilot such as Holly, our first caller for the show.

Before starting the show, between 10am-11:30am I downloaded all the advertisements that we got (12 / 12 adverts, however two of them weren’t played for technical issues). After this, I checked out the O.B. studio table desk, I wanted to make sure that it was working correctly before beginning the show.  Furthermore, I decorated the O.B. room and I helped Paola in her social media rule. I took some of the pictures and videos that she used during the show. This week our guests were four people: Anita, Csilla, Natalie and Nathan.


During the show, we had some problems, but it was really better than the first pilot. Some of the issues that we need to improve for the final show are the following: Firstly, Myriad 3 is not working properly so we definitely need a plan B. It should be good if we have some 80’s CDs just in case of any kind of problem during the show. Secondly, microphones need to be put down when any song, advertisement, sweeper or ident is playing.

Another point that we should be highlighted is the one that we need to explain our listeners what the ballroom is, and what spice track is too. For music in general was good but something could be changed such as Abba’s song should be rectified; Bruce Springsteen’s song was faded out quickly at the end ; Segue from Taylor Dane and Belinda Carlisle was better than the originally intended Rick Astley one and the last one, Holiday by Madonna repeats too much herself and it should be called in the script as an album track song.

It is important to mention the competition also. The questions were good. Besides, we should tell the answers to our callers before the show and like this, we don’t have problems such as the clock (time) or with same answers (if they get the same correct numbers of answers, we waste time for the rest of the show). Furthermore, the advertisements in general sound really good. Some changes should take place on Lauren’s Gin advertisement, Marlyse’s Argos advertisement (mix the music and the voice in a good sense) and Hannah’s Boots advert (put the volume down in the voice). I edited Marlyse’s advertisement for the final show as well as Simone and Charlie edited Hannah’s advertisement.

Apart from this, the second pilot was better than the first one.



 Before the actual show, I started helping Nayara with the O.B. room (all the plugs, all the snacks and decorations for the actual performance). Additionally, I double checked all the advertisements (12) because I wanted to make sure that all of them were ready to sound good during the show!

-SIMONE: We buy any car (30 seconds)

-THUONG: Specsavers (40 seconds)

-ANDREA: Jet2 Holidays (50 seconds) / Tesco ClubCard App (40 seconds) / Drink-driving (30 seconds)

-HANNAH: Boots (40 seconds) / Money supermarket (30 seconds)

-LAUREN:  Gin Zymurgorium (20 seconds) / Flu Jab (30 seconds)

-PAOLA: Love2shop (40 seconds)

-MARLYSE: Argos (20 seconds)

CHARLIE: Aldi (50 seconds)


I kept my help in Paola’s rule, taking some pictures about the ‘Ballroom’. Our O.B. guest (Josh) was practicing before we released the show. Here you are some pictures I took, and Paola used them after for her social media stuff:



On the other hand, during all the show I was mainly situated in the O.B. studio as a producer that I was going to be during his interview and his two performances. I informed Hannah before going on air that I had to maintain an interconnection with the main studio (studio 6) in case the volume levels failed.  At the end, everything worked perfect and there were no mistakes at the two studios.

After the show, we all felt very happy and proud of how the show was. We were a little nervous because the previous pilots had technical failures like Myriad, which didn’t work well at all. But finally, the show was good enough. It is important to mention that we started at the top of the second hour (it was exactly on 13:00 pm).





















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