This is a Blog post with all Five weeks of my participation and work for The real breakfast show with Kaylee and Billy on Refresh London.

Week 1-

So far we have come together as a team and decided what roles we would like to do and spoke together about what each person is expected to do. This was good as we have set our guidelines down at the start, this being the genre, what sound we want, types of artists, and the name of the station. I believe that this is good that we got this out the way right at the beginning so that there is no confusion between roles and we have a confirmed outline of the feel for the station. My role is presenter but because that is mainly just on the day I have also taken part of the role for ads team so I will be doing 5 out of the 15 ads that are compulsory, I have started looking at adverts on YouTube for the sound that I want to create. I was looking into the super dry coat advert which has a very urban feel so I want to create an ad like that but towards another item or brand say Adidas tracksuits or trainers. My next job is to fully plan out the 5 ads that I want to do and bring them to the team to see if they go with our sound. This will be easier and helpful having the plan for each ad written down as when the voice over artists come in to do the ads for us, we look professional and well prepared rather than looking like we don’t know what we are doing.


Week 2-

This week for Music Radio, I have planned out 6 of my adverts as I have been given an extra one to do. I have done this by writing the scripts, finding the sound effects and how I would like them to sound. I planned and edited the ads by putting my voice in so I could show my team what I want the finishing products to sound like. I was also able to get voice overs for three of the ads. A concert, Pizza Company, and a Lynx ad. So I have edited and completed 3 ads now. So this week I am planning on getting the rest of the voice overs so that all my ads can be complete by Thursday this week. I also intend on having a meeting with Kaylee, as we are both presenters and talk over and get a set plan on the features we are doing in the show. Later on in the week me and Kaylee sat down together and roughly went through what we want to do and what we will say but we need to get this set it stone for the pilot show.


Week 3-

At the start of this week, I got all the voices that I want for the adverts apart from one which I will be receiving this Tuesday. I completed 5 out of my 6 ads. After this, we went into a meeting with Matthew and I showed him my ads so now, I have to re-edit some and they will be completed by Thursday for the pilot show. Also as a presenter we have confirmed the features that we want to do ‘The sip’, ‘The Showdown’ and the competition. And have started looking for content and songs for the features that we have for the show for example the showdown and the sip. We are all coming together on Monday morning the do a rehearsal of the show before the pilot show.


Week 4-

This week was the week of the pilot show, at the start of the week, I finished the rest of the adverts so that I had six ready for the pilot show. I completed these but getting the rest of the voice-overs that I needed and edited them together and sent them off so that they could be put into myriad. Me and Kaylee sat down together and rehearsed through the show on Monday and Wednesday before the pilot, so that we were ready for the day. On the day we done we done a brief run through so we were ready. And confirmed certain details such as who is going to say what when in the links. It started off a bit hectic but while the show carried on we got comfortable and it started to flow. I also had a go at running the desk at the start of the show but gave the role over as I am not fully trained and for the show to sound professional we decided that I wasn’t the best person to run that area. The show went well and the feedback we got given was good. The presenter’s feedback was to include certain things, such as information on events that are coming up, to talk about what is coming up in the show more often and to throw to songs that will be coming up etc. Also as I am part of the ads some of the voices need to be changed before this Thursday so that is what I will be getting up to this week as well as sitting down with Kaylee and rehearsing the show as presenters so that we can be the best we can on the day.


Week 5-

So this was the final week and the week on the show! So we all came together on our group chat and were talking through everything that needed to be done for the show, this included for me getting some different voices, re-editing Ads, reading through, splitting up and editing the script and of course rehearsing with Kaylee as we were the presents for the two hours. Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday me and Kaylee sat down together and went through everything, we read through the scripts and edited it as the editor of the project wrote this up and some of the sayings and words that were included didn’t fit with what me and Kaylee wanted to say, so we changed them so that they suited well. We also went through and highlighted in different colors who was saying what, so that it was very clear for both of us. We also pre-recorded our competition winner so that it would sound slicker for the show, we were told to this from our feedback on week 4. We also listened to the feedback in week 4 and change some of the content for the show and had a list of the newest tour dates, new music and facts about some of the artist’s we will play, so that we could include and throw these facts for a conversation or if we played the artist we can dig in deeper and talk a bit more about what they will have coming up in the future. I had to change the pizza advert as there was a clip from Game of Thrones in it and there was a debate that there was copyright issues, so I emailed Matthew to double check and he agreed. So I got a voice over of someone saying the quote ‘winter is Coming’ in the same accent so it is the same but different, and also I wouldn’t be breaking copy write rules.

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