Week 1

My role in the Music Radio shows is to produce adverts, to be played out during our live shows. As the demographic for are target audience is slightly more mature men, that are passionate about Britpop music and lifestyle I have chosen to advertise products which reflect this; including, Head and shoulders Shampoo, U2’s new album (songs of experience) and Dr.Martin shoes. This week, with assistance from Minnie and Denise I have started to create scripts and ideas for the adverts, so we can now focus on trying to find voice over artists that are suitable for each role. So far, we have 16 advert ideas that vary in length and tone, to keep the audience engaged and to really promote the products in the best possible way. Overall, I am really enjoying the role of adverts as It allows me to be creative and daring in the ways we advertise each product.

Week 2

This week has been a busy week for the whole team for Music Radio, Especially in the Adverts team as we have been scripting our adverts and getting them ready to be produced, carefully thinking about the treatment for each ad and which voice over artists would be appropriate for each advert. Are adverts include u2’s new album ‘songs of experience’, a lynx advert and other brands that are targeted at a similar demographic the show is.

Throughout the course of this week we have a range of voice over artists coming in and we are working on gathering the sound effects we need to for each advert, the aim is to have the adverts finished ready for the week of our practise run.

Week 3

This week has been a busy week for the Ads team, we have been working towards finishing and polishing off our adverts. Finding voice over artists has been a challenging but we have managed to source a couple from: http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/. Early this week I created ads for lynx, Doc Martins and a Gillette razor, on Thursday we then showed this adverts to Matthew who suggested some changes; such as, finding appropriate voices from professionals and changing certain sound effects that where distracting. Later in the week I then made some of these improvements and wrote a new adverts for Tetly tea, which is a product I believe suites the target audience, this week I hope to get this advert produced and finished. My aim in the coming week is to have most of my Ads finished for pilot week, so we can use them and but them in a appropriate order for the real show. This week I have also taken on the role with helping with the News on the real show, therefore I have also been busy refreshing myself with Burli and practicing how to write a news story in the appropriate style.

Week 4

This is are final production week for music radio, this week I have been busy finalising all the adverts ready for Thursday in total we have 15 adverts, Denise has made 6 adverts and I have made 7 with the assistance of Minnie. The adverts we have produced are; U2’s new album, Aviva, Doc Martens, Lynx, Gillette, Gibson and head and shoulders. These products represent are target audience. We have managed to source professional voice over artists to voice all of are adverts, also we have tried to get the voice overs to be a equal split between men and woman so the station doesn’t sound too male dominated.  We used the website http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/ and contacted the artists who’s voice was appropriate. Now all the adverts are finished and organised, we sent them on to Gabriel to put into myriad so they can be grouped in to 2 or 3 minute advert breaks.


On the day I will be helping Minnie with the news by writing scripts and recording any features that may be appropriate. I practised working on the news during the pilot and recorded a feature about car homes and wrote some scripts for news stories that where appropriate and interesting for our target audience.

Week 5

This was the final week for music radio, in my opinion, the show went really well and ran smoothly. In total with the help of Minnie we made 8 adverts which included: U2’s new album, Doc Martens, Aviva, Lynx, Gillette, Head and Shoulders, Tetley Tea and Gibson. In total the show had 15 adverts. Throughout the week we had made a few final changes to perfect the ads and then blocked then into 2 or minute sections so it was easier to place into myriad for our advert breaks. Also throughout the week and on the day I was writing up the advert briefs ready to submit on the day.  Overall, I have really enjoyed my time working on the ads team and learned a lot throughout this course, including that making an advert that was over 30 seconds was harder than I thought but this role really allowed me to be creative.



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