Week 4

Now that the pilot show was getting nearer it was time to start putting all of our content onto myriad. I started by adding all the songs and colour coded them with green being A songs, yellow B, orange C and finally red for our core songs. I then started to add all the adverts and idents as well as some FX. I then created a show clock on autotrack for the presenters to work from.

I scheduled the show for November 28th 2018 so it didn’t interfere with Smokes play out. This way the presenters could jump to that date and preview it live as if it was running as a real show.


Week 5

After the pilot shows I had to work on tweaking the music policy again ever so slightly. In the build up to the main show there were some issues with myriad due to exterior interference i presume which meant having to spend some time rebuilding our show clock. I then edited song instrumentals into both short 1 minute and long 2 minute beds for the presenters to use in the show just to help make everything sound polished. I also helped Phoebe with her OB room a little bit. All in all it’s been a very busy 5 weeks for me and i’m relieved did so well.

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