Music Radio Week 4

This week we all met up in person for the first time which was good, especially for me as I haven’t yet met anybody in person yet. We discussed ideas and changed a few station policy’s around such as changing the music policy which was originally 1980 through till today, to 1985 through till today, this meant we had to removed some artists such as Culture Club who’s songs from beyond this time frame didn’t fit in to the stations narrative and removing some songs from artists such as Phil Collins (In the Air Tonight) and replacing them songs he recorded at a later date (A Groovy Kind Of Love). In Training with Simon I have been practising how to use Zeta, Some of the things I’ve learnt over the past week are how to place songs, links, adverts and the hourly news, in to the playout system and link it all together. I learnt how to import audio, create a time stamp for when the singing starts on songs as well as many other things that I will need to use for when i’m presenting our show. I also learnt how to make clocks on G selector which is needed to shape how each hour of our programme will run. This week I’m looking forward to learning more about G selector and Zeta as well as creating my adverts and finalising which features I will be using on air, I’d also like to practice my presenting skills and go through a brief run through of what we’re going to do.

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