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I am responsible for the two of them are in advertising, and think how to make the clips, saying the Joe show and made a Facebook graphic, when one starts to make the advertisement, I have some own ideas in my head I tried to use in addition to the sound of the language to deduce the food, but after made several attempts to find extra background music can let whole advertising instead of voice is too complex, not clear, there is no convincing, people can’t the first time access to key information, let a person feel confused for the ADS. Later, through modification, although still not perfect, but progress. In the KFC ADS, I thought, Think of radio advertisements, and then we start to associate with sounds, thinking that there are many sounds in life that are similar, which are easy to cause misunderstandings, which will produce a humorous effect and attract others’ attention. This advertisement uses this one. A student called the teacher to ask for leave and was eating at the same time. The delicious temptation makes people want to take a bite at any time. The sound of the mouth is like the sound of a kiss. This adds a funny effect and also fully demonstrates the deliciousness of the burger. The idea was perfect, but the result wasn’t perfect.

And the Yeo Valley, First of all, Yeo Valley appears four times in the first AD, which I think creates a strong memory point for the audience and promotes the brand. The second point is that the time is clearly indicated in the advertisement, which can give the audience a good impression that the milk is very fresh.

The third point is the appearance of natural sound and living sound, so that the audience feel in their surroundings. The whole idea is to present fresh milk in just a few hours, from suburbs to supermarkets to consumers.

In The process of learning, I listened to “The Musical Night Never Ends”, an evening music program of FM92.4 in China. I made the following analysis:

This is an evening show dominated by emotional music. Pressure produced by the fast pace of life, psychological confusion and bewilderment, a distance of loneliness and loneliness, emotional distress, make a lot of people resonate, these problems are urgently looking for a way to release pressure, and they can is to use the radio to the characteristics of its invisible but can follow to create a truly into the listening is the platform of the heart. When the night is not quite over, find some relaxing songs with some sincere essays to remind you of your feelings. People who have been overworked for a whole day should have a relaxed and comfortable feeling. However, with the increasing social pressure and life pressure, people are not only physically tired, but also psychologically tired. Emotional music program can not only relieve people’s psychological exhaustion, psychological counseling, it can play a more effective role is to relieve people tired of a day. The purpose of the program is to give people a kind of emotional exchange, mood release space, through the program to the audience’s care, so that the program become a friend of the audience. In order to meet the listening needs of the audience, the program has different content every day. Music is the main content of this program, while the program also plays the role of listening to the heart of the audience. Let the program become the friends of the broad audience, so that the audience have the desire to say something to us. Try to meet the needs of different audiences, to achieve both refined and popular taste, in line with the public taste. The combination of music and story is more enjoyable, more fresh and natural, and allows the listener to listen without burden. This is a good way, the combination of music and story will make the audience more empathic.

I have learned a lot from this template. First and foremost, communication is very important. Communication is the first element of doing things well. Making radio is not only a technology, but also an art. In this process, constant innovation and thinking, absorption, thinking and output are required, which is a complete learning process.

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