DURATION: 15’ 00”

Station: talkRADIO

Delivery Date: 11th December 2018

Producer: Rhys Gunter

Listen link: https://soundcloud.com/rhys-gunter/my-life-after-grenfell-doc 



It has now been just over 500 days since the Grenfell Tower fire where 72 people were killed. In the past 18 months,  the survivors have been through what some would describe as “hell on earth”. Now for the first time, we can openly hear from three survivors about their life after the fire. This programme tells the unique story about how residents of the Grenfell tower are rebuilding their lives, how they try to move and what they see as their justice.

In: “Living their was…”

Out: “I’m just surviving here.”

Back Anno: That was the voices of Alison Moses, Emma O’ Connor and Antonio Roncolato telling their story of life after the Grenfell Fire.The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council have been contacted in regards to this programme and have not commented at this time.

Short Synopsis

It has now been just over 500 days since the Grenfell Fire where 72 people were killed. This documentary will hear from three survivors to find out their story and now how their life has been affected 500 days on. This documentary tells the story of the immediate and long term aftermath since the fire. It will also hear about the new starts in life that survivors have had to make following the June 2017 disaster.


Since the Grenfell fire there have been many accounts on different radio stations hearing from survivors about what happened that night. During the recent one-year anniversary, many TV and Radio stations broadcasted special programmes to mark the event. This saw survivors reliving the night for an interview. However, what wasn’t touched on much during these programmes was the aftermath.

The first part of My Life After Grenfell will look at the survivors story of what happened that night to allow the audience to understand more about the survivors and for the audience to be able to hear different stories to create a connection with the survivors. The survivors will discuss when the first knew there was a fire, how they escaped, what they witnessed and what their immediate steps were after escaping.

The second part will focus on the immediate aftermath of the survivors. It will hear how the survivors dealt with the days after the fire, finding somewhere to stay, getting money and getting to grip with losing everything. It will explore their feelings the days after, hearing how they went about their next steps after the disaster. It will also hear about how the community played a key role in helping survivors of the fire and will hear what support Grenfell survivors got.

The third part will look at how the survivors are rebuilding their lives after Grenfell with it being nearly 500 days on. Ultimately looking at what their next steps are, do the memories come back, are they receiving enough support and have they returned back to Grenfell. It will also hear about what the survivors believe the failings have been that resulted to them in hotels and temporary accommodation longer than three weeks.

The programme will be built up entirely of the survivors stories, there will not be a voiceover to guide the piece. Using the survivors to guide the story of what they went through and are still going through will help to add a further personal level to the piece with the audience. It will use a montage format to connect the stories together. The piece will include archived news reports to add context to certain parts of the piece and to develop the story.


It has been nearly 18 months since the Grenfell fire. For the first time, we hear openly from three survivors to reflect on the last 500 days and how they are rebuilding their lives.


Image of the Grenfell tower which I took in September.




Commission response from Elif Mills, producer of Eamonn Holmes Drive Time show on talkRADIO



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Title: Lean On Me – Grenfell Memorial Event

Link: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6lvovf

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