Does London Have A Nightlife?

16/12/2016 Natalie Malcolm


London is a 24 hour city or atleast it is was. Due to gentrification and the price of a night out, going out until sunrise seems to be non existent. #saveourculture sent a huge awareness out that something needs to be done.  Natalie Malcolm explores London’s Nightlife in detail and different people’s views on it.

In: “London is the…”

Out: “…Bye bye Simon Cowell”

Duration: 9’51’

Over 50% of London’s clubs and 40% of London’s music venues have closed in the past decade. Students and young adults love going out and getting drunk although it has all changed. I wanted to experience London Nightlife (sober) to see what there actually is to do and how busy the center of London is. There were times when London was dead (from 4am) as the majority of nightclubs had shut and people were making their way home. I sat in a 24 hour cafe for an hour or so to get warm and surprisingly there wasn’t anyone in there and I experienced the night tube, which is such a good idea!

I met at Councillor Raphael Andrews at Kings Cross Station, he had very little to say about Fabric closing although I managed to push him abit. He was my first interviewee and Fabric was still closed at that point which was good as he was very negative so I put his points across to Alex Proud when I met him a couple of weeks ago and he had alot to say back. Alex was very positive about London nightlife and was a very good interviewer as he spoke with authority and ease. Maarten Puddy (an up and coming DJ) made some great points about night time economy which I would of raised to Amy Lame if I was able to secure an interview (so close but she was to busy). Katherine and Kita were great characters as I met them before there went on one of their weekly nights out. This time they were going to The Roxy which is just off Oxford Street, it was really fun to see their insight to nightlife as they have a passion for it.


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