Pilot 1 17/02/2020

During the first pilot, the show was only an hour long. I picked to be the person who was to be responsible for digital content. In the first week, I undertook the task of finding the right platform to buy a URL which ended up being a company called “123reg”. I worked alongside the marketing team to brainstorm the idea for the logo.

Pilot 2 24/02/2020

The second pilot consisted of a show that featured two hours which has shown the whole group that having a show that lasts for double the time it did last week, is more difficult to keep going. However, I think the team members involved with the production of the show did a good job planning for the two hours but as it happens the execution wasn’t the greatest, that’s why there were pilots so that we can hash out these sort of issues. I continued working the marketing team to see what sort of logo we can come up with, Makee had a great idea which then we used for a brief moment before Charity stepped in to help. I decided to go with Wix as the website editor as it was the best choice for website editing at the time.

Show 1 02/03/2020

Our first show as a group which we were assessed for. The theme of our first show was entertainment. The website was live by that point, which allowed anyone listening to the show visit it to see what was available to view. I kept on adding bits to the website which I thought were going to make the website more accessible and easy to use. I also helped Ryan record the Mleczko advert which was used on the show.

Show 2 09/03/2020

This week’s theme was love. I was tasked with creating a video of the top 10 dating locations in London whilst Ryan was tasked with a similar task but in written form. The two were meant to be co-joined on the website. The video proved to be an issue to edit with constant technical issues on my side. The website’s theme changed as well with the show’s theme. The design was slightly tweaked along with the mobile version of the website which proved to be a trial and error based task as it never really lined up with what Wix was showing on the actual screen compared to what the user could see on the screen. However, in the end, the website ended up being accessible from mobile devices to ensure that anyone could view the website without worrying what device they used. Charity helped massively with the creation of the logos as in my opinion they were high quality and very professional.

Show 3 16/03/2020

The theme for this week was food. The digital content which was organised for that week was a tasting video of Callum and Chloe. The video was filmed on a green screen where Chloe and Callum tasted different snacks from around the world of the communities that lived within London. This was a rich in content piece of digital which I edited, it proved quite challenging to edit as I thought it’d be easier to put this sort of video together but I’ve not edited footage with a green screen before so I had to learn how to do it. The rendering process of the video also proved hopeless as it took very long and ended up creating more issues than there were initially, hence why the video took such a long time to be up on YouTube, without these problems it would’ve been there before.

Show 4

Our 4th show would have been themed “Traditions” week for Atlas London. This week would’ve featured a video of the top 10 culturally diverse places in London that people can visit. The website would’ve stayed the same but only with minor changes such as the theme of the week. During the 4th show, the digital content would have been finalised in the places it wasn’t.


Generally, I’m slightly happy with the way Atlas formed over these weeks and what the other group members were able to achieve in their given roles. I think personally I would’ve suited another role better, it was my choice entirely to be responsible for digital content but that decision wasn’t given a thought when the role came up. Moving with the weeks my role became more important that I have imagined it would be and some of the workloads clashed with some life events that transpired. However, with the digital content that is available to view i.e. the website or videos, the quality is respectable.

In places where I have been helped during the process of the module I was happy with, there were moments where I needed help, asked for it but never really got the help I wanted but because I ended up doing some of the content too late I wasn’t surprised. Whilst setting up the website and seeing it evolve during the weeks. I’m quite happy how it turned out as it looks professional and reflects our station’s idea of multiculturalism. The digital content could’ve been much more if it wasn’t for the planning that was in some places nonexistent by me. Some content was planned and some wasn’t which is why I think in many places I failed as a digital content manager, in some places where the job was done I feel that even though some of the content looks and feels quality, it can be better and it’s something I should’ve worked on and planned better before.

If I was to redo some of what I’ve done and haven’t done, I would have had an entire plan for digital content with dates and what needs to be done to achieve these targets that I’ve set my mind to. I think if that was the way I approached this role, it would’ve been a completely different outcome with the content that was created and wasn’t. Given the circumstances that have fallen on my lap in some of the moments where I had to prioritise life over this module didn’t help but that should’ve been planned too, if something of that nature happens, as the digital content manager I should’ve had content ready before and made sure there was always a plan B.

In the end, I think when the module started, everyone had a different idea of how role will plan out. Some of us worked on completely different bits for the show than we realised we will. The outcome of our work is there and each of us know that we could do better if given a second chance.

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