Oskar Idzikowski

SLUG: Student’s Life/ Adele Interview

10/11/17 Oskar Idzikowski

In the beginning weeks there’s a lot of ideas for students to take in. Having to organise money and time can be quite stressful. Each year, studies show that students have to deal with more tasks which can bring more stress into their life.

Majority of the students end up working during their time at University which helps financially but can take up some of their study time.

In words: “So having been in the UK for some time now…”

Out words: “…fair enough, thank you very much for your time.”

Dur: 3’ 37”

Back Anno: Oskar Idzikowski talking to Adele Adelina on the differences and struggles of a student living abroad.


LGBT in Past & Present. Paulina Todorova/Isobel Paull

11/11/17 Oskar Idzikowski

The tolerance of the LGBT community has improved in the recent years. Paulina and Isobel talk about their opinions and experiences within the LGBT community.

In words: “I think it’s ridiculously unfair…”

Out words: “… it’s really interesting, isn’t it.”

Dur: 2’40”

Back anno: Paulina and Isobel sharing opinions on today’s LGBT community and the tolerance from the outside public.


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