Save a life!  / Donor Carer Supervisor interview

Holly Palmer  

24 / 11 / 2016

Que: Giving Blood will save someone’s life and for the millions of people who have received blood in emergency situations across England, they are thankful for people’s effortless donations.

Although as the NHS need over 6,000 blood donations daily to treat critical patients, sadly the Give blood service continuously struggle to recruit new donors.

Holly Palmer speaks to Chris Hartley, a senior donor carer supervisor from Kent, who explains what new donors can expect from their first donation, where their blood travels to after donating as well as exploring Chris’s story and why she loves her job!

In words: “ I used to have a job in a betting shop …”

Out words: “ … calm the person down and wait until they’re ready.”

Duration: 3’ 20”

Back anno: A big thank you to Chris for taking the time to speak to Holly Palmer and if that has inspired you to find out more information and to sign up to be a blood donor, please visit



Thalidomide Baby / Marcus and Joanne conversation

Holly Palmer

24 / 11 / 2016

Que: The 1960’s saw a rise in the number of cases of babies being born with deformities, due to women taking the Thalidomide tablet in order to cure morning sickness whilst pregnant. It was a scandal that took investigators years to discover why the drug caused such major consequences.

51 year old Marcus Samuel talks with his partner Joanne about growing up with a loss of fingers, due to his mother taking one tablet 9 months before he was born. He explains why he never blames his mother as he is living a happy and normal life.

In words: “ I was born in 1965 …”

Out Words: “…daughter has never had a problem with it, neither has my Grandchildren.”

Duration: 2’ 28”

Back anno: Marcus Samuel sharing his story with his partner about living with missing fingers due to the Thalidomide scandal during the 1960’s.

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