Phoebe Emerson

Written Pitch

EGO Performance Company Audio Documentary


Length: 18-20mins

Delivery Date: 12th December 2017


With the EGO Performance Company currently bidding to raise £100,000 to keep their Arts Venue in the heart of Coventry, Phoebe Emerson explores what this Charity means to the staff, members and city.

Long Synopsis

The EGO Performance Company is a registered charity originally launched in 2006 as a way for young people to have their own creative space to learn new skills. Now the Arts venue is home to opportunities for people of all abilities and ages to take part in theatre, film, music and comedy opportunities.

However, the origin of the company has always stayed true and the company has an active Youth Management Team.

As well as this, their onsite vegan café, role in the wider city community and support of other charities makes this company incredibly unique.

Phoebe Emerson will explore this unique arts venue by talking to the people who make up the EGO community to find out about why EGO started and what it means to everyone. As well discussing the importance of the venue to the community and their 1.1 campaign.


Theatre has been around since the time of Ancient Greek’s and is still popular to this day. In this audio documentary, Phoebe Emerson explores a modern-day Theatre Company for people of all ages and abilities.

IN: Coventry winner of…

Out: Ego Rocks better than we did at that age

(Music Fade Out)

Duration 18:11


EGO and its venue are incredibly important to so many people. Find out more about how you can help there 1.1 campaign as well as information on their many future performances and events on their website or at facebook/EGOPerformance.

Proof Of Commision 

Here is a screenshot of the emailed commision document I received from Corinne (head of EGO).

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Find out more about the incredible EGO Performance Company and the diverse people who work there to create amazing pieces of art, music and live theatre.

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