Poetic Justice – Episode 1 Elisa Matvejeva


Poetic Justice is a new series which does more than interview and dissect the mind of the creative poet. It becomes a part of their work itself. Using soundscapes and curated sounds today’s young poets are given a platform to discuss and amplify their work. Every episode will be exploring a different author and body of work.

Elisa Matvejeva is a contemporary film maker and poet who at the age of 20 has just published her first book. “Flowers I Should Have Thrown Away Yesterday” is the exciting debut collection from a young poet who is part of the “Instapoet” revolution. This episode as well as showcasing work from this collection it will also tease her upcoming works.


Commission – Podium

IN: “As the sun sets………”

OUT: “……..Allow me to forget you and save your dreams for someone else”

DUR: 14.35


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