Week 1

Since the pilot I have edited the pieces I was involved in. I have changed the idents and taken away the music they contained last week, they now include stabs instead. I cut off the beginning music on the Bond feature so it comes in immediately. I also removed the music from the Diwali feature. 

I changed much of the ‘Band on the Run’ feature to focus more on visiting Lagos today. I discussed the attractions; Lekki Conservation, Tarkwa Bay Beach, Nike Art Center and Freedom Park. For next week’s album / location feature, I will try to split the feature between three segments. Biographical details, history of the location and attractions. 

For next week’s show I will improve the idents by including sound effects related to travel, so they sound more on brand.

Week 2

This week I added more station idents but this time with sound effects relating to travel. So far I have done three using the sound effects of a plane, a boat fog horn and seagulls. 

For my main feature I did a piece on space tourism, covering the cost of space travel, future tourist opportunities, when prices will become affordable to average people, how the space industry damages the climate and how the space industry can benefit the fight against climate change. 

For the band on the run segment, I covered the background of Paul Simon’s Graceland. The origins of the album, critical reception, sales and controversies. Then like last week with Lagos, I covered tourist attractions, local customs, personal security and health requirements including COVID-19.

Week 3

For week 3 I made a feature on North Korea. In the feature I briefly summarized the countries history since the Korean war, covered the attractions tourists can participate in and discussed some of the dangers when travelling there. 

For my 3rd ‘Band on Run’ feature, I covered where Radiohead recorded their 1997 album, Ok Computer. I covered the situation the band was in before recording the album and where it was recorded in Bath, Somerset. I also covered what attractions are in Bath, including the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Royal Theatre and more.

Week 4

Unfortunately my feature that was meant to be on LGBTQ+ travel safety did not work out. The interview I recorded was difficult to edit and incoherent at times. It also contained some topics that distracted from the point of the feature and would require extra to explain. Instead I recorded a top 5 list of LGBTQ+ holiday destinations and some of their attractions during the show.

For the final band on the run feature, I focused on Kanye West’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. I discussed how Kanye flew out all the artists on the project to Honolulu in Hawaii. I then further discussed the attractions in Hawaii that tourists can partake in.

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