Production Week 1 – 11/02/19


For the pop-up station ‘Bite’, I am the branding/imaging assistant and also work on various elements of the digital/social/web content for the station. For production week 1, I had various discussions with those in my team on what work needed to be done. Most of the branding/imaging work like the logo and the jingles etc. had already been drafted roughly and sound effects that I had collected for these jingles were incorporated into them by Gabriel. We looked at what voices we could get to record the jingles that would fit in with the station’s overall feel. After some discussion, it was decided that it would be best to wait until a later date before getting the jingles professionally recorded and use the mock-ups for the time being. In terms of the digital/social/web content for the station, the website was being worked on by Pulama and the only thing that needed to be done was to think up and write some articles to put onto the website at a later date. So I thought up some article ideas such as vegan food hacks and how to create the perfect chocolate chip cookie which was inspired by the social media channel ‘Tasty’ and ‘Tasty 101’ and started to write them up.


Production Week 2/Pilot Week 1 – 18/02/19


Production Week 2 was also Pilot Week 1 for the pop-up station ‘Bite’. This week in particular was quite a busy one for everyone and we were all doing various tasks in order to get the station up and running smoothly. Many of the roles that everyone was doing overlapped somewhat as there was so much to do but everyone was doing well working together on different things. Although my role in the production of the station is branding/imaging assistant and digital/social/web content, I was doing various other tasks too. These tasks included working with Harriet and Kate to write out a script for the first hour of the pilot show and the printing these out for the presenters. As well as this I was printing off the second hour running schedule and I helped out with the news by finding and mentioning a news story on ‘Britain’s relationship with milk turning sour’. I also uploaded and sent my article on vegan food hacks to Pulama on ‘Slack’. Later on in the day I was on ‘free-sound’ gathering some more food sound effects for Gabriel to use for the jingles, each week has a theme and so I looked for sound effects to use so that the show could have a separately themed set of jingles for dessert week, seafood week etc. I also helped in having my photo taken, as did others have their photo taken, by Pulama to put onto the stations website. Essentially, my role of this production week was helping out with completing various tasks and ‘filling gaps’ so to speak. I was mostly free and my role isn’t as demanding time wise and so I was helping in completing extra tasks that needed doing. All in all the pilot week went smoothly and everyone did a great job!


Production Week 3/Pilot Week 2 – 25/02/19


This third production week, also pilot week 2 for ‘Bite’, I wrote an article of the stations top 5 vegan eateries in London. I finished writing the article and am currently working on writing an article called ‘what the food?’ which is talking about what the show’s presenters Kaylee and Joe did on the show when they tasted various foods that were vegan and some that were not, as well as, Kaylee asking Joe questions to try and guess what food Joe was trying to get us to guess. It is interactive in that listeners can tweet in what they think the food is to win prizes. I have already uploaded my finished article to slack and when I have finished the second article I am writing, I will upload this too.


Production Week 4 – 04/03/19


On production week 4, vegan week was almost finished and everyone started to prepare for the last vegan week show on Bite. It was time for the social media and imaging team to prepare for next weeks theme on Bite which is world food week. This production week, I wrote an article on the top 5 best world food restaurants to eat at in London and split them up into 5 categories; these were Chinese, Mediterannean/Turkish, Indian, Italian and Mexican cuisine. I then uploaded this article to slack and sent it through to Pulama so that it is ready to upload to Bite’s website as of next week.


Production week 5 – 11/03/19


For production week 5 it was world food week. My article of the top 5 world food cuisine restaurants which was uploaded to the Bite website. The next thing I did this production week was reviewing over the treats with Sitara and her Pakistani Biryani video and write out the ingredients and the method in which to make it. This was then uploaded onto Bite’s website.


Production week 6 – 18/03/19


For production week 6 it was seafood week on Bite and although I was unwell and couldn’t make it, I still worked from home and sent work in. In my role as social media content and branding assistant for the station, I wrote out a top 5 best seafood establishments to eat at in London, which consisted of the occasional pun. This was then loaded up onto the Bite website. The next thing I did once I completed this article was to write out the recipe and method for Snacks with Sitara’s King Prawn and Chorizo Linguine. Once I had finished this article I emailed it to Pulama so it could be put onto the Bite website.


Production week 7 – 25/03/19


This week was the final show week of the Bite pop-up station. For the last week’s theme, it was dessert week. This production week was a busy one as it was the last show on Bite. This week I continued with writing various articles for the website and emailing them to Pulama to be put onto the website. I wrote an article for the Free Cakes For Kids UK charity whose founder had come onto the live show with Joe and Kaylee. Also, I revised Sitara’s recipe for her Mocha Mousse and wrote out the recipe list and method instructions for making this mousse at home. This was then emailed to Pulama who uploaded onto Bite’s website. Lastly, I went and got refreshments and food for the guest editor that kindly came in and reviewed our pop-up station.


All in all, I would like to say that I have gained so many new skills and developed existing ones whilst working with my year group creating this food based pop-up station and I’m delighted that it all went well and was a huge success. Everyone worked extremely hard and we did amazingly as a team. I feel as though it has also helped me uncover a specific area of work that I would love to work in future. This would be through the fact that I was social media/digital content and branding assistant, it has made me discover love and passion for branding, writing articles and producing digital content.

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