Production Week One:

For the pop up station Bite Radio London, I took on the role of head of sales. I have a small team that includes; Minnie, Billy, Ola and Kaylee. Last Wednesday we had a team meeting and discussed what roles we would do within the team. Within the week I had created a sales email/letter to give to potential brands (working with Mary or station editor). Throughout the week I have contacted potential brands. When contacting brands with prices for the adverts the response was they didn’t have the budget. After speaking to Matthew and Mary, I decided to offer the adverts for free which meant one brand said they would potentially be interested in working with us. I updated the email/letter and added an advertisement brief to the letter so that when Minnie and Billy who were going to be in certain areas could and could speak to potential brands there and then. As of today without an update from Minnie and Billy, we have no brands secured.

Pilot 1 week 1:

The first week of the pilot saw me sending over briefs to the brands that we had responses for. On the day as well I assisted the news team with reading the news. over the course of the week we got conformations briefs from M&S and field to fork. I passed the briefs to Ola to create scripts and asked Billy to secure some voice over artists. I continued to contact brands for advertisements. This is has been quite challenging as all brands I have spoken to on the phone have asked to email them. However, when chasing the brands they just ask to send another email. So far 2 brands have confirmed.

Pilot 2 week 2:

For the second week, we had more briefs come in. I sat with Ola to discuss the scripts. We managed to get the scripts started off, Billy finished editing the M&S ads which were sent to Matthew, we were given feedback. I also sent Absolute vintage ad to Matthew for feedback. I also finished creating scripts for all the briefs so Minnie and Billy could get the recordings and editing completed so they can be scheduled ahead of the station launch. We also have a couple of outstanding briefs awaiting to come in which could be added to the station later on. I also assisted with on the hour news. Due to concentrating with the ads I was only getting the news scripts late and only having a limited time to try and read and record the news, it meant that 2 of the news builtin were read out live and one was pre-recorded.

Live 1 Week 3:

As we headed to the live week. It was tight getting the adverts done. By the end of the second Pilot we had secured 9 adverts however we were able to create 2 different adverts due the brief given to us by Marks and Spencer and as Subway had 3 different  subs we were able to create 3 different adverts. We divided up the ads and Billy and Minnie took the bulk of recording and editing the adverts. By the first show we had created 14 adverts ready to go. I was still in contact with other companies to get more adverts in.

Live 2 Week 4:

I had given the team feedback, however we had trouble redoing the voices that week. So the adverts remained the same.

Live 3 Week 5:

With feedback on previous ads we were able to edit the adverts and had Colette’s pop-up restaurant added to the advert lineup creating 15 adverts in total. However not all ads were completed and in the feedback Matthew stressed that we had to get all the adverts completed as it was our final week. Within that week, Minnie and myself meet on Tuesday and looked at the adverts which needed looking at and made an action plan to have them all created by Sunday evening ready for the final live show.

Live 4 Week 6:

Being the final week we managed to edit all the ads and add Vegan Apron to the advert collection. Bringing the total advert collection to 16. Also as the team wanted to do something spectacular we visualized the show, broadcast was moved to another studio however we needed to use tieline (for the outside broadcast) from the original studio so I stepped in as an extra tech op putting out the OB for the show.


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