Week1: Water park

The first week was really difficult for me as the lack of communication led to me not attending the first meeting, which I have to admit was my fault. This week I was responsible for the content about water parks and as I myself lacked knowledge about water parks, I spent a lot of time researching the topic in this way. The feedback I received on this interview was that there was a section in the middle that was too long, it didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like a person describing themselves, in future interviews I will improve the interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee, this is key.

Week2: Quarantine, Cruise

Week two went much more smoothly than week one, which saw an interview about isolation and research for a luxury cruise.

For the quarantine interview I started by talking about my own experience of quarantine, after all I had been through two different quarantines in different countries, so I felt it was important to talk about my own experience. Then I got a friend who had received the Pfizer vaccine to interview me, as she was in a completely different situation to me and she had a covid pass to be exempt from quarantine. So I used myself to make a comparison with her.

The research for the luxury cruise has been shown on the webpage and the feedback I got was that the images on the webpage should always be checked for copyright and whether they are free or not, I will be aware of this in future.

Week3: International volunteer 

This week’s topic was International Volunteers, which I personally thought was a very interesting topic in that it was both an international experience and a science for the common good. So I found a girl who had participated in the IVHQ Thailand project to interview me, and the interview went surprisingly well. The one downside is that I didn’t put together a perfect board to put on the website, which I will correct next time.

Week4: female pieces,competition 

I’m glad everything came to a final week, but the interview didn’t go as well as usual. I interviewed my brother’s girlfriend, but as she was in Sanya for a business event, she didn’t have much time for my interview. So I did a simple text interview with her and relayed her in a recording.

Finally I did street interviews and I got a male and a female. The idea was to see how men and women respectively perceived women travelling alone and I made a comparison. Happily, almost everyone agreed with the idea of women going out on their own and approved of it. At the same time I posted a document on my website about women travelling.

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