Pop Up Station Week 1

Pilot Week 1


My role within our pop up radio station the bite is part of the music team and the Ob team. This week the Ob team have made good progress by saucing potential locations for our outside broadcasts, this week I have spent time researching potential locations and have even visited a few to see if they are suitable locations to broadcast from. One of the places I visited was a vegan cafe in Kensington that does vegan all you can eat buffets. When I visited the location, it was suitable to broadcast from, it was quite and spacious, therefore I am currently in contact with them to do a outside broadcast during the vegetarian/vegan week. This week I have also been thinking about possible feature ideas for the outside broadcast and ways the OB can sound fun and interesting. This week we also went to boxpark in Wembley to see if this should be a possible good location, when we arrived, we approached a food stall could Bombay Burrito about doing a outside broadcast with us next week and what there spiciest food was so we could do a spice challenge with the presenters. The company agreed so we have decided to use this location for the OB on world food week.




This week the music team, including myself, have been working hard to really understand the demographic of the target audience and to create a music policy that reflects this. After changing the music policy numerous times, we have decided that the music policy should be based on music that is laid back and chilled enough that it is suitable to assist those cooking, these kinds of tracks will be part of playlist A. Then Playlist B will consist of tracks that our more feel good and can be considered a ‘banger’ that will set a positive move for the station. Finally, playlist C will consist of songs that are directly linked to food and have food related songs in the title. Also, we have decided that this week we are going to use myriad to schedule all the music so this week we have also started to put the songs into myriad, within the whole month of the pop up station, the bite will play around 20 songs a week, so we have selected 60 to put into myriad.


Pilot Week 2

This weeks theme was vegetarian and vegan, as part of this the OB was to broadcast live from a location that suited this category. This week was also mine and phoebes turn to go out and do the OB, I was producing and phoebe was presenting, and for this weeks OB we went to Romeo’s sugar free bakery. Although this wasn’t an exclusively vegan and vegetarian bakery it contained many vegan and vegetarian items and the manager of the bakery was very knowledgeable on their vegan and vegetarian products. Also this week me and Billy have been organising and planning features for our dessert package we are producing for dessert week. Also I have been in contact with several dessert places around London about doing a OB with them for Dessert week, one place I have been in contact with is Yolkin a ice cream and macaroon parlour based in Soho and the fudge patch, a fudge stall in Greenwich market. Also I have been in contact with Greenwich market to ask if it is possible for us to broadcast from there.


This week in the music team we have continued uploading and logging songs into myriad, as well as sourcing clean versions of the songs and categorising them into A, B and C list depending on where they fit in with our music policy.

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