In preparation for our first pilot show there was a lot of aspects to organise as an assistant producer for the music hour. The producer of the music hour and I had a meeting with the production manager just confirm that each show was going to be two shows, two hours as a talk show and the last hour will be music based. We also arranged the hour clock for the music hour. By the end of the meeting we had agreed to think of features and guests that can be included within the hour and to work along side the producers for the speech show to make sure that the transition between the two shows flow as one.

The Monday before the first pilot show we sat down with the presenters and discussed a feature called right or wrong, that can possibly have some interaction with the audience or something that they can relate to. I later come up with the idea of what ingredients make a mayonnaise for example, the idea of that feature then slightly changed to guess the dish where one presenter names the ingredients of a dish and the other presenter has to guess within a time limit if they don’t guess it right then the audience have the chance to get in touch through social media to win tickets. We also had the idea of another feature for the presenters that include weird and wonderful snacks for each week. For that feature I had done some research and made a list of what snacks can be featured for each week. I also did some research into getting guests/musicians in for our show, I looked at artists who aren’t really that well known and are willing to participate in our show.

first pilot show

As soon as we got in to class we had a team meeting to discuss what we’ve done so far for the project and what is left to do for the pilot show, once everyone knew what they were doing we all went off and did what we needed to do. The other music producer and I sat down with the music team to log the music on myriad and to also complete the running order and to make sure the timing on the running order was fit into one whole hour.

When the first of hour of the pilot show was done it was then the music hour. We had a guest that was on at 3:30, the guest came on time and I went to greet her from the reception and made sure she was ok through out the time. There was still time till she was going on air, which gave her time to prepare herself for performing live. Whilst she was preparing her guitar we were in studio 6 where we could listen live, I had noticed that the presenters had missed out saying what the answer was for the competition in which I had made sure I told them when going into the studio, just so that they are aware to say the answer next time. After speaking to the guest I asked if she knew anyone else who was willing to come on the show and perform live or pre recorded and so she gave me the email of her course leader which could potentially lead to more guests appearing on the show for the music hour.

Second Pilot show

For the second pilot show I was not doing as much as I had hoped, it seemed like Mathew as the music producer for the third hour had it all under control and didn’t seem need my help. I did however ask if the social media team needed help with writing the blogs for the website but they had everything under control. I talked to Mary about how I felt like I could be making my time more useful and she had told Mathew to include me more but there was nothing left to do in preparation for that pilot show. We came up with possible features for the first show and discussed the names of those particular features. I then prepared a list of snacks for the feature vegan vs non vegan.

First show

During the week coming up to the first show Mary asked if it was okay for me to help out on the news team and gathering breaking news and stories for the news section and of course I agreed! I asked Jay and Mary if they know any weird and wonderful vegan snacks we could have for our presenters to compare and Mary came back with a few good suggestions so she had got some and I got some. On the day of the show I knew that the team would use Burli but as I had no training on using it before Josie helped me understand how to use it in which helped. I tried to find news that was related to the topic of veganism and incorporated it in to our news headlines. I had also recorded a voice piece for the news which I had enjoyed.

After the show the news team had sat down with module leader and Mary to see how we can improve, as Bethany the head of news, was not only in the news teams but was running in and out of the studio which made it hard for her to concentrate on news and read over the stories in order to make sure they made sense. I made the suggestion of me doing research for the snacks before hand instead which could make her life a little easier on show days and so that’s what we agreed on.

Second show

It was world food week this week. During the week coming up the show I had prepared a list of snacks and facts for the feature of guess where the country the snack was from. I went to many places around London to collect the snacks as I thought the world food section in local supermarkets weren’t that interesting. I wanted the presenters to possibly try something they have never tried before or that would make it interesting to know where the snack is actually from, so I decided to go to a big chinese supermarket which apparently is the biggest in the UK, I also went to Indian shop and to a corner shop where you can buy foreign drinks and food. I’m glad that I mentioned to get the information for Bethany as she said it helped and the facts that I had managed to get were interesting to use for the show. I had realised that I had become more part of the news team as it was the second week of helping them out.

Third show

This week was seafood week, I originally had no idea on what snacks I was going to bring in for this week because I’m personally not into seafood at all, so I had asked Matthew on what snacks I could bring and get facts about and sent me screenshots of the different types of fish I could buy for the show at a local supermarket, once I had done this I gathered as many (interesting) facts as I could for Bethany . This week I was still helping out the news team and started getting used to Burli and also realising I could get live feed in burli it self which was helpful. This week I didn’t get to do voice pieces again as much as I would’ve love to. I did mention to Bethany that I am more than happy to do some voice pieces and I remember her putting me down for one but later removed it, as I think because Kate had a stronger voice than I did.

Fourth show

This week was Dessert week, originally we were going to bring desserts in so the week coming up to the show I went out to buy them only for Mathew to tell me wont need them which was fine but I wish Mathew had told me earlier so I wouldn’t have wasted money, however it may have been because the idea of the final show was not fully finalised yet. On the day of the show Bethany was very busy, as the final show had visuals throughout the entire thing Bethany had less time to focus on news. Me and Kate had to gather as many stories as we can within the first hour that could potentially go into the second hour of news just to make sure Bethany has time to read over and make sure it made sense and the order of it was right, even though Mary had read over the stories just to give it the thumbs up. This week I did two voice pieces the first one I went into the booth with Kate and watched what she done so I could do it myself without any help. The second one I went in and recorded and edited it myself even though it was on tight schedule as the part I was recording got changed midway so I had to record it again, but I did it correctly.

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