Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) also known as sexually transmitted disease are transferred from one individual to the other through unprotected sex. There are many types of STIs but the most common in London is HIV, gonorrhoea and chlamydia. These infections are increasing in London because most people do not use protection during sex. The most recent reason is based on dating sites such as match, tinder, grindr and zoosk.

One of the most popular dating site in London

These dating sites allows people aged 18 and above to sign up. Improved technologies allows more than one dating site which means people can be on one or more  dating site talking to a lot of people. Even if you use one dating site, there is a variety of people to choose from. A male can be talking to more than one woman and a female could be talking to more than one man. Although dating sites are made for people to find true love but the majority of people using the dating sites are not interested in serious relationship.

STIs are very real and most women and men who get infected do not get any symptoms such as itchiness in private parts, painful or burning urination. The signs usually take about 10 to 90 days for the bacteria which causes the infection to spread. Majority of male and female do not notice any symptoms and it is therefore difficult to find out you are infected.  The only way to find out is by getting tested.

Beware of STIs

Lissa coward who is a youth nurse gave more details relating to the causes of STIs, ways in which people can protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections. More over ways of which an individual could get tested in other to get information about their health. She stated you cannot trust anyone and must always use protection which is condoms. She also said even if you cannot afford, you could visit your local GP and ask for one which is free. “Also you can get tested by booking an appointment with a registered NHS hospital”. “You might not only get an infection but you may also get unwanted pregnancy”. She also advised all young people to speak out and get help as soon as possible.

Vanessa who is a 17 year old briefly explains her emotions towards her discovery of getting an infection and advice other young people about sexually transmitted infections.


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