Producing Audio – blog 1

22nd Februrary 2019 – Billie Hall W1589734

I have the role of production coordinator and therefore this week I have started going through the script with the director to ensure we have it is a final copy to send to the actors. Throughout today’s seminar we were going through our scripts using our classmates as actors to get an understanding of how we will do the sound on recording day. For example we put screens around the actors in the scenes that took place in the ice cream van, and had the customers behind them to create the idea that they were further away. We also made a character wear a big coat to make loud friction noises as if they we are moving around a lot. I felt I gave good, helpful suggestions for direction which were taken on board by the director and feel confident to record in a couple of weeks  and excited to see what we produce. In the meantime I will send them a final script and ensure they are aware of where and when exactly the recording will take place.


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