Week 1  8/3/18 –

Once in the groups, Joe and I went to Wembley to practice the OB part of the show. We pretended to be at the Woman’s protest outside the department for health in Russell Square.

Week 2  15/3/18

Trying to figure out our roles, I did my hand a presenting a ten min mini show.

Week 3 22/3/18

We all decided on our Roles, I took on the role of the editor and again we had a ten-minute show to plan and Joe is our presenter, Jay is our OB producer with Jason our OB presenter, Claire is helping write the stories and Bethany is Studio producer as well as helping and producing features and news stories.

Week 4 29/3/18

This week was the week of the pilot. On Monday we got told our OB had to be cancelled and on Tuesday we had a production meeting to where we agreed on the main features of the show and sort out a pilot OB. On the day of the pilot, We had no response from our live interview, however, we managed to get the guest 10mins before the show, The Pilot show I thought went well with a couple of hiccups and the feedback that came from David was great. We are all going to regroup and look at our content and build on some elements and cut some areas where David thought we were our content went on for a bit too long. Looking forward to the main show on the 12/4/18.

Week 6 12/4/18 Live Show

It was the week of the Live show and on Wednesday, I came to campus to work on the final running order, edit the packages due to the feedback and create more content as from the feedback David thought we were lacking more content. I managed to secure the live interview guest on Monday and confirmed with the guest on Wednesday. Bethany continued her work on the Potato project and re-edited the book fairies package. I also created a Coronation Street package however it was dropped for the final show. I asked if anyone was free to help with Vox, however, everyone was busy with essays or working. I went to Oxford Circus and got some Vox from there.

Our Roles;

Joe Pilbrow – Joe was the presenter of the show and this is his strongest area. He also created the show’s identity, edited the Music and flags package.
Claire Chung – Claire was our two-way reporter but also the editor of the scripts and in control of the two-way report.
Jay Dyson – Jay was our OB producer making sure the tieline was connected and working with Jason to create the content for the OB but also the voice of our Music and Flags package.
Jason Kundi – Jason was our OB presenter and Jason created the OB.
Bethany Glover – Bethany was the Studio producer keeping us to time but also the creator of packages.
Stuart Armour – I was the tech op and editor of the whole show, overseeing the whole show but also pushing the buttons.


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